Spanish Class Homework and Arrival Time

from:Unruh, Cathi

to:Spanish 1

Time Sept. 18, 2012

I found out today that many of the Spanish students completed the homework that was due today (Practica B, page 7) in their textbooks and so they were unprepared to turn in written homework for credit.  It was explained to me that this is the first time many of these students have worked with a textbook.  I will give grace for this assignment and give full credit to students who turn in a written out copy on Wednesday 9/19.  Please help your student understand that when an assignment says "written", it means that they must write it out on a piece of notebook paper so that I can pick it up and correct it.   

Also, could you please be sure that your student is at school, ready to begin class at 9:00 sharp on Mondays and Wednesdays.  We only have one hour to complete our Spanish class, and I am finding it hard to get everything accomplished because we are spending so much time waiting for students or adjusting as students straggle in.  

Thank you for your help in these areas!  

Cathi Unruh

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