Time Management Trackers (Red Folders)



to:All Students

Time Sept. 20, 2012

We have decided to pick up and grade the Time Management folders on Wednesdays rather than Mondays as originally planned. Because of the backlog of math corrections on Mondays, we realize that we will not be able to get to the Time Management until later in the week. As I graded the folders yesterday, most of the students had completed no tracking for Monday or Tuesday of this week. There were many students who did not even have a page set up for this week of school. Would you please make it a practice to check your student's Time Management folder every school day? It requires your initials each day to verify the report of work completed. Please attach it to a daily practice, like dinner time or bedtime routines so that it becomes a daily practice in your home. This process is designed to keep your student moving along smoothly throughout the week, and conversely, to keep them from the harmful practices of procrastination and cramming. Let's not reinforce those negative habits by allowing our students to complete their daily tracking record the night before it is due. If you have any questions about the process or the Time Management folders, please come ask so that we can get everyone tracking. Thank you! Cathi Unruh

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