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Prayers and grades

TimeDec. 09, 2011

to:All Students

Your September, October and November prayers are past due.  We are now in December and some of you still have not said any prayers.  I will post up the December prayers.  Please be aware that we are just about almost halfway through with the school year and you can not fall behind on these prayers.  Also, start looking around for a saint to do your research paper/project on.  The first draft of your Saint will be due the first Saturday we come back to class in January.

I apologize for not having posted any of your current grades or prayers.  I have had overwhelming amounts of work at our parrish and have not had the time to input your grades online.  Your grades should be up to date before Friday December 23.  God bless you all and let me know if you have questions about anything.  I have a new office at the church which is located in the hall next to the Parrish Rectory where you can come in and talk to me.