from:Garland, Randall

to:All Students

Time Jan. 13, 2012

It's hard to believe we are already half way through the school year. That means semester exams are coming up next week. I just wanted to give parents a heads up and give parents some hints to pass to the boys to help deal with the stress of exams. The Biology exam is scheduled for this coming Wednesday 01/18/12 at 11am, so there is plenty of time to prepare.

  • With 5 days remaing, spend time EACH day devoted to studying a set amount of material from each subject. Don't wait and spend an all-nighter on Tuesday and expect to do well. Studies show that cramming is not beneficial and oftentimes detrimental. Sleep helps the brain to process & retain information.
  • Read the Chapter Summaries found in the book and also the Chapter summaries attached to the Worksheets. They provide quick, easy information to review. When you discover a topic that they are unsure about, go to the textbook and notes to get the details.
  • Review key vocabulary terms from each chapter.
  • Retake the old tests. Many of the questions are multiple choice. Cover up the answers in the margin, and see how they do. If they miss it, then they need brush up on that topic.
  • Use time wisely. Spend time on the van studying. Quiz each other while on the road. Surely someone will know the answer. If something comes up that no one can answer, then ask the teacher. Studies show that students teaching students is an effective way for students to learn.

On a personal note, I appreciate everyone in the Stellar family. It has been a pleasure teaching the boys this first semester and am looking forward to an even better 2nd semester. I hope they have learned as much as I have. It has been a steep learning curve for all of us, but we all are well on our way to becoming "Stellar".

Mr. Garland

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