Welcome to the new online system


to:All Students

Time Oct. 19, 2011

Well done! It seems you were able to remember how to log onto this website. You will now need to be able to do this every week.


So, we will be using this website to do the following:

  1. Distribute the task sheet by downloading
  2. Gather all of the finished tasks by uploading
  3. Record attendance of all of the students
  4. Record the results achieved by all of the students

To say this in short, this website is kind of the ITClub organizer!


For anyone who forgot how to use this website, here are some guidelines:

(1) Logging in ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(2) The Dashboard - Changing Password-----------------------------------------------------------------

(3) Online - Latest Updates and Messages --------------------------------------------------------------------------

(4) Assignments - Getting Task - Upload completed task - -------------------------------------------------------------------

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