Week of Feb25

TimeFeb. 25, 2013

to:All Students

Hello Schloars,

This week I will not be at school. I am at Mobile World Congress (NO IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GOVERMENT). Any who, while I am out you will be preparing that Animal Farm was an Allegory. You will be wring a littuary Annlyst type paper to help you explain it. You will be using the this website ( http://www.gmc.edu/students/arc/documents/Literary%20analysis.pdf ) and all of your notes from the enitre unit to help you. Your final draft should be posted under the final draft section of the grade book. This is a TEST/Project grade so do well. 

This is how your week should look:

Monday- Research and Complete the the Monda Classwork Assigment. (See Attachment) 

-Monday Homework: http://ritter.tea.state.tx.us/student.assessment/resources/online/2003/grade9/read.htm

Copy and Paste Score Card into Word Document. Upload under Monday(Homework)

Tuseday- Receive Thursday (2/14/2013) Classwork back and add neciary componets to the Essay. 

Tuseday Homework


Anwser Open Ended questions in Word THEN  Copy and Paste Score Card into Word Document. Upload under Tuseday(Homework).

Wendsday- Switch and Grade  your 1st Draft. Revist the Website from monday and make sure all compnets are there. Have Strong feedback. Switch and Grade withs omepne else. This time check for spelling, grammer,etc. 

Wendsday Homework- Complete the File entitled "Wendsday Grade 9". Type anwsers into Word Document. Upload Under Wendsday (Homework). 

Thursday- Complete 2nd Draft. This time, Incorperate all the things that you were told last time. 

Thursday Homework- Complete the File Entittled "Thursday Grade 8". Type anwsers into Word Document. Upload Under Thursday (Homework). 

Friday- You will go to the Computer lab and type your final product.

Friday Homework- Login into ThinkWave. Check Grades. Acknolege that your parrent has seen it.