from:Brewster, Michael

to:All Students

Time Sept. 04, 2012

files: Old Testament Survey II-Syllabus(1).doc

It is my pleasure to share the next twelve weeks with you as we dive into the Old Testament together. Those of you who are new to taking my classes, you are in for an exciting and yet challenging learning experience that you won't soon forget!

We will have weekly homework, quizzes and yes a Mid-Term and Final. However, you will find that I adequately prepare you for them all. They are all open book tests designed to ensure your comprehension of the subject matter as well as your study of the material. I have attatched the course syllabus for your review to this announcement. Be sure to print and/or save it for your records.

If you are wanting to deepen your knowledge of God's word, it is best you apporach this class appreciating the various ways that we as human beings enhance our knowledge of anything; which is through active listening, reading & comphrehension, writing, critical thinking/discussion and testing.

When we understand the importance of how these tools play a great part in our learning and gain a healthy respect for them, learning and growing becomes and enjoyable experience. However, if we do not then just the opposite becomes our reality.

Let us all do well to remember the words of the apostle Paul to Timothy when he wrote :

"Study to show yourself approved, a workman who is not ashamed but who is able to rightly divide the word of truth" 2 Tim. 2:15

I heard a preacher say in reference to this verse, "If we study, we will not be shamed when speaking with others concerning the word of God. If we do not study, we will and should be shamed".

Let us therefore diligently strive and press forward in our learning so that we are neither shamed or embarrassed when we open our mouths to others about our faith.

Additionally, we will have the pleasure of a student teacher assisting with the class this year in the person of Pastor Justine Claxton. She currently serves as co-pastor along with her husband of "House of Judah" here in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. She comes to us with a wealth of education and numerous years of ministry experience that I am sure will be a wonderful addition to our learning environment. She will be assisting in a variety of ways including facilitating weekly lessons, administering tests and grading assignments. Please do your best to make her feel welcome.

Looking forward to a great semester!


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