2018 FALL INTENSIVE: Philosophy of Publishing



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Time Nov. 04, 2018

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Read Publishing Ministry by Ellen White, chapters 4, 18-29, and 38-40.  Be sure to read carefully chapter 4, “God’s Purpose in the Publishing Work.”  Spend as much time as you can reading, getting the main ideas from the chapters listed above.  Write a response paper, 500-1,000 words (typed, of course), interacting with and responding to the material, and quoting sections which especially impressed you personally.  State why those particular sections impressed you.  (Pat answers and clichés are strictly forbidden.)  Try to include things which you:

a) never knew Ellen White said
b) just realized we’ve been doing in our programs all along
c) see can make our current work better
d) can apply to yourself, specifically
e) etc.

The main idea of this assignment is to interact with the ideas and thoughts in Publishing Ministry.

This assignment is worth 30% of your total grade, and is due by noon Sunday, November 18.  (Class will begin Sunday afternoon November 18.)  Please turn in your assignment to Jenny Kim.  No credit will be given for assignments handed in late.  I recommend the non-procrastinator route.  (Besides, this book is so interesting.)  If you have not completed your assignment by noon Sunday, November 18, please turn in whatever you have completed.

I look forward to spending time with you in a few days.

In the Blessed Hope,

Bill Krick
Literature Ministries Director
Pacific Union Conference of SDA

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