Grievance Policy 2019


to:All Students, All Teachers

Time Sept. 19, 2019

files: Grievance Policy, SOULS--Rev. 8-2019.docx

Pacific Union Conference’s Evangelism Training School


Our grievance procedure policy explains how employees and students can voice their complaints in a constructive way. We want to resolve conflicts as soon as possible; our organization desires to foster a supportive and pleasant setting for everyone.  This policy refers to everyone in the organization regardless of position or status.  Grievances can relate to harassment, health and safety, supervisor behavior, etc. 


Employees and students should try to resolve less important issues informally before they resort to a formal grievance. When this isn’t possible, here is how to file a grievance:

1. Communicate informally with their direct supervisor. The supervisor will try to resolve the problem. When employees or students want to complain about their supervisor, they should first try to discuss the matter and resolve it between them. In that case, they’re advised to request an informal meeting. Supervisors should try to resolve any grievance as quickly as possible. When they’re unable to do so, they should refer the matter to the SOULS West Director. If resolution is still not obtained, the matter should be referred to the Pacific Union Literature Ministries Director.

2. If the grievance relates to a supervisor behavior that can bring disciplinary action (for example, sexual harassment or violence), employees or students should refer directly to the Pacific Union Literature Ministries Director.

Note:  This procedure may vary according to the nature of the grievance.

Students, employees, or supervisors who face allegation have the right to receive a copy of the allegations against them, respond to the allegations, and appeal on any formal decision.

Note:  One of the staff volunteers, Caren White (who may be substitute teaching/etc.), is directly related to the SOULS West Director (who is also the Pacific Union Literature Ministries Associate Director).  Therefore, if any staff/student has a grievance, complaint, or conflict relating to Caren White, then the “Procedure” guidelines are amended to state that when, after an informal meeting between the two parties, resolution is not obtained, they should refer the matter, not to the SOULS West Director, but to the Pacific Union Literature Ministries Director.

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