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Welcome to History of Brazil @ think Wave

TimeJan. 28, 2013

from:Carvalho, Reginaldo

to:History of Brazil

Dear students,

Welcome to our virtual space at Think Wave. As a computer science researcher and professor, I love to use tech tools to improve our learning process. That means, tech tools are not to relieve the work, but to allow us to reach further.

It is more or less like to use a bycicle, instead of jogging. In both cases one gets a good exercising, but with a bycicle one can cover a much larger distance.

Given that, let me suggest you some motivational work. As motivational work, I mean, it is not for grading, but for fun.

1. Please, find the English word for the "caravela" ship.

2. Find out the correct number and type of ships that composed Cabral's fleet.

3. Try to draw in a map the official route to the Indias and the route perfomed by Cabra's fleet. This will be usefull to start some interesting discussions.

See you tomorrow

Reginaldo Carvalho