TimeFeb. 01, 2013

to:All Students

Greetings! Welcome to Fernando Riverra Middle School and Welcome to Room 109! This room is filled with academic and social skills that develops throughout a the year.This classroom is use for 8th Grade Algebra Benchmark , 7th Grade Science Strategic and Benchmark, and 7th Grade Pre-Algebra Strategic and Support. In 8th Grade Algebra: We start our year with Functions and Slopes. We learn how to graph ordered pairs and equations. Also, we learn how to identify different kind of functions such as Linear , Quadrtaic, and Cubic. Later on, we work on solvig Equations ( One, Two, and Multi Step ) and the " Property of Equality." After studying solving eqautions, we work on Inequalities and the subtopics that goes along with it such as , its symbols and graphs. Later on the year, we work on solving equations that goes with the " Distibutive Property. " Like solving equations with Polynomials, and solving it using the " FOIL" Method or The " BOX " Method. Towards the end, we will be working on the Quadratic formula, and graphing it. In 7th Grade Science: We start our year studying the scientific method and identifying parts of it. Later, we study parts of the animal and plant cell. We work on Plant cells and how it performs C6H12O6 also known as Photosynthesis. We study what it needs to perform its process. We also study Cellular Respiration which is a lot different than Photosynthesis. In 7th Grade Pre- Algebra: We start our year with working on Data Analysis and Probability. Later on, we work on Exponential and Roots. We work on simplifying exponents. We also work on solving Proportional Ratio using Geometric Analysis. Towards the end of the year, we foucus on graphing and knowing the Coordinate Plane and also we focus on Linear Functions and the slope-intercept  form known as " y= mx+b " form.