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Spelling 4

TimeOct. 30, 2011

to:All Students

  • We are going to start the textbook. Since this is only an 18 week coarse and this book is really easy we will be completing this book in 18 weeks. There will be a lot of homework in this class but most of it will be credit no credit. Each unit will be worth 20 points. Each page would be 5 points. If you do it, you get credit, If you don't, then you don't get credit. Simple enough.
  • We will skip unit 1 and do most of unit 2 in class togather.
  • UNit 3 is homework test on weds.

Monday we will go over the homework and an worksheet will be handed out.

Tuesday we will play some sort of game.

Wednesday there will be a test over all 34 words. The test will be some listening and some multiple choice. All tests in my class are worth 100 points.