Welcome Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church

Aug. 24, 2015


to:All Students

Hello everyone and welcome to Confirmation!  

Whether this is your 1st year in Confirmation or you are continuing onto your 2nd and final year, I look forward to having a wonderful year where I am able to inspire you and guide you in your faith.  

During your high school years of life, there are many interesting and exciting things you are going to encounter and discover and sometimes those things can confuse your faith and stray you from the path of God.  God is not the boring, angry or unfair being that some of you may have been led to believe and for those of you who see the wonder and awesomeness of God then keep that spirit and faith high!

We'll have more time to chat about God and our faith and I can't wait to show you all how awesome, loving and amazing our God is!

See you all soon and as always, GOD BLESS!

- Mr. C

Sept. 22, 2012

Homework for week of September 22

to:All Students

Here is this week's homework assignment:

-  Get ALL materials.  Textbook, bible etc.  (see class syllabus for details)

-  September prayers (due no later than next saturday)

-  Parent Letter/Information sheet  (Have parents read front sheet and complete 2nd

                                                           sheet to bring into class Saturday September 29th.)

-  Create ThinkWave account (should already be done)

-  Read Chapter 1 and review Class Syllabus

-  Attend Sunday's Mass and pay attention to Sunday's Readings (lecturas),

   Gospel (evangelio), and Father's Homily (homilia).  We will be discussing in class.


Feel free to e-mail me about any questions you may have regarding the homework.  Remember, make this year a great year and stay on track.  Once again, I am very glad to have you all in my class and look forward to a great year with you all.