Feb. 22, 2012


to:All Students

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                                                 Discloser for Mr. Ryan's Classes
Welcome to my Class(es).  Down below is a list of classes available for taking.
Please Circle 2 (& 1 alternate choice) classes. Math is already a choice (which counts as your 3rd Class)
Standard Music, History, Spelling,                       Science, LA/English, Choir, Computer Tech*, Computer Tech II   Reading I,  Reading II.
Your grade is found on and you can find your grades there. Your grade will be reset at the beginning of each new term.
Your grades will be judged by the following:
3= 94-100%          1.5= 64-69%
2.75= 90-93%      1.25= 60-63%
2.5= 84-89%         1= Below 60%
2.25= 80-83%
2= 74-49%
1.75= 70-73%
You are expected to get anything above a 2. If there is anything that is below a 2, You can be in Failure territory or Failing that class period.
Classroom Rules: 1-Have a good attitude 2-Listen to teacher and follow ALL instructions. 3- Respect Teacher, Other students, and Yourself 4-No Swearing, Name calling etc. 5- Keep all Hands, Feet, etc. to yourself. 6- Raise your hand to speak
*Computer Tech is the Class for Basic Computer Beginners. This means that if you took this class last year, you probably would prefer to go to Computer Tech II. This is a class that continues on more computer skills.
    Computer Tech II a more Advanced Computer Class continuing after Computer Tech
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