March 03, 2012

Important Message from Dr. Chasse

to:All Students

Dear Parents,

I am writing to ask that you help me welcome Mr. Dave Becker as part of the Ladera Professional Learning Community.  Mr. Becker will be helping me out by subbing in my position as Principal of Ladera for the next 6-8 weeks as I take a medical leave due to an upcoming back surgery.  I have put it off for some time for many reasons but the most important one being that I enjoy being part of the Ladera family because everyone sincerely works together for the benefit of ALL kids. Also I am surrounded by such a gifted group of educators who never stop amazing me by what they can accomplish together.  But most importantly because I know I will miss your kids who teach me something every day that empowers me to become a better principal and a better person!
Unfortunately I can no longer put the back surgery off.  Luckily I know you will be in good hands with Mr. Dave Becker here.  Please know that he is an experienced principal who is capable of handling any and all matters therefore it will be business as usual at Ladera.  Dave is currently retired but prior to his retirement he was the principal of Park Oaks.  He was an elementary and secondary administrator in the Oak Park Unified School District for many years before coming to the CVUSD.
Dave came to visit at Ladera today, Friday, March 2, 2012 at which time he was introduced to staff, PTA and some of the students.  We also spent time reviewing the school facility, plan, rules, roles and traditions so that it would be an easier transition for him.  Although I won’t be here physically,  Dave knows I am only an email or phone call away therefore questions can be easily answered to provide him with whatever background information might be needed to support any decision-making or activities he will need to participate in or Lead.
Finally please rest assured that I will be back prior to the end of the school year to help prepare for next year with enrollment, class placements, committee development, budgets, scheduling and other end of the year matters.  Come July 1, the district has assigned me to a different position therefore I will not be back for the 2012-2013 school year.  It is my understanding that the PTA President and School Site Council Chair will be meeting with District Administrators to discuss the process for hiring the new principal for the Ladera and the direction they will be taking Ladera in the future.
In closing I want you to ALL know:  Each STUDENT on the campus has given me a gift-the gift of learning and loving (a daily hug)!  Each STAFF member has given me a gift-the gift of compassion and the privilege to teach side-by-side with them.  Each PARENT has given me a gift-the gift of opportunity to work with their children and be a part of their family.  It has truly been a pleasure to be a part of this Professional Learning Community.  I will miss the “Ladera Village” but know that you have ALL left a lasting impression upon my life.  Therefore, I know I will never be alone.


Dr. Pam Chasse

Feb. 13, 2012


to:All Students

Welcome all to the 5th Grade Think Wave Gradebook.  We are initially launching the grade book with the science and math grades and will be publishing the social studies and ELA grades as soon as possible.  Please email me if you have any difficult with access.

The grades have all been loaded except for Scrapbook pages for Chapter 3 and for those scrapbook pages that were submitted with No Names.  They will require some more sorting and identifying before grading and posting.

Brenda Schwartz and Ann Oppenheim