Oct. 08, 2011

Southwest Presentation

to:All Students

Students will present information about the Southwest on Tuesday, October 11.  The students can discuss the features, landscape, climate, animals, plants, and activities of the Southwest.  I would like a students to touch upon most of the items listed, for example discussing 1 animals, 1 plant life, the climate, landscape/landmark, and 1 activity.  

I will be timing the students to make sure the presentation does not go over 2 minutes.  You child can use notecards to remind him or her of what he or she wants to say, but points will be deducted for children who mainly read information to the class instead of "talking" to the class.

Extra points are given to children who use visuals to help explain the Southwest (posters, print outs, or pictures/powerpoint saved on a flash drive to show on the smart board during the presentation).

Children can use information researched online, books, and/or chapter 8 of the social studies book.

The following are the categories I will be grading:

Student is completely prepared and has obviously rehearsed.

Presentation is 2 minutes long.

Speaks clearly and distinctly all (100-95%) the time, and mispronounces no words.

Student uses visuals that show work/creativity and which make the presentation better.

Stands up straight, looks relaxed and confident. Establishes eye contact with everyone in the room during the presentation.

Shows a full understanding of the topic.

Volume is loud enough to be heard by all audience members throughout the presentation.

Facial expressions and body language generate a strong interest and enthusiasm about the topic in others.