Welcome SHABACH! Christian Academy Homeschool

May 16, 2016

All creative writing students

from:Elliott, Cymona

to:All Students

All creative writing students your final two (2) papers are due no later than May 19, 2016, the last day of group classes. You must have all attachments (including all drafts which should be more than one draft). You must have a correct bibliography and plenty of documentation (not just your opinion).

Papers  1. Why I am a believer  2. Why I am not a believer (All papers must be typed)

Be prepared to debate with fresh and new questions for Tuesday and Thursday, you will be graded.

March 05, 2016

March 17, 2016, Career Day Presentations

from:Elliott, Cymona

to:All Students

To all students who are presenting their career information on March 17, 2016.

Practice Practice Practice in the mirror, with your parents and others. You can

not read your paper on this day. You have to know your information. Prepare to

speak for at least 2 1/2 minutes and no longer than 3 minutes. You have to time

yourself when rehearsing your presentation (Per instruction and discussion in

class for the last few weeks). Again, you will be graded on the following:

1. Professional Dress

2. Presentation skills (Public Speaking, Persuading the audience to believe what 

    you have said)

3. White Board  (Appears professional with required information such as statistics 

    graphs) No handwritten information on the board and do not leave much white 

    Space. Be creative as possible.

4. Your final draft of your paper. (Sentences are grammatically correct, spelling, 

     paragraphs are correct, clinchers etc.) Submit all previous drafts, outline, and

     a properly completed composition checklist - you have to have all this

      information in your paper. We have been working for weeks and months on all

       of this I am expecting a 100% final effort from all students.

       You can get the A's. 

      PARENTS, PARENTS, please come out to support and be an audience for

       your students. They have worked hard and need you to cheer them on that


Feb. 13, 2015

MS Science Homework

from:Dixon, Lujuanda

to:Exploring Creation - Middle School

Mod. 10 - Study for next week's Test (refer to the attached Study Guide).

Science Fair - Due date 2/19/15 - Students should have 1) completed the Fair packet pages 8-35; 2) submit their topic research paper for review; 3) conducted their experiment (3 trials); 4) given their experiment/science board an interesting, creative title that is relative to their project.  Example:  experiment is about freezing water, title could be "Snap Water", "Instant Ice" etc.; and, 5) bring in their blank science board (36"h x 48"w) for assistance with placement of materials.

Please note, if you are interested in participating in Shabach's Science Fair, to represent the Homeschool, your project and board should be completed and ready for presentation to Mrs. Dixon and Mrs. Floyd by the 19th.

Sept. 22, 2014

Science Class 6-7-8

from:Dixon, Lujuanda

to:Exploring Creation - Middle School

Hello Parents, our science class is full and we are working hard and quick.  Our first homework assignment was due September 18th.  The assignment was to do the Study Guide on pg 33, 1-28 for 7th and 8th graders and 6th graders 1-10.  Half of the class completed this assignment...I don't think this is a good start.  Also, the signed syllabus was due for extra credit...half of the class completed this task also.  I will not except work a week late, I will except it up to Wednesday, 9/24.  Please try to get the homework in on time or email it to me during the week in a word document.  Parents our 1st test will be October 2nd.  Please study the early scienctist, our lab procedure, the two different solar systems, and vocabulary including, density, mass, volume and atoms.  This information was given to the students during our class on 9/18.  Note:  I will send a study guide home this week.  Any questions, please text me at 240-501-3423, THANKS!!!!

Feb. 14, 2014

Come to Class Prepared High School Creative

from:Elliott, Cymona

to:Creative Writing (HS)

have your detailed outline  for your career paper, have your revised  detailed draft paper (all dress-ups and sentence opers underlined ), have your checklist completed . Be prepared to do impromptu speech which you will receive a grade. Let your parents know that we will be contacting them for career paper day.

Sept. 10, 2013

Grammer Composition Syllabus, Middle School

from:Tatem, Carolyn

to:Grammar Composition, Middle School

Please see the attatchment for the grammar syllabus. 

Sept. 09, 2013

Spanish II Syllabus

from:Gibson, Anita

to:Spanish II

Please review the syllabus so you are prepared for class.  Thank you

Sept. 05, 2013

Public Speaking Syllabus

from:Tatem, Carolyn

to:Public Speaking

School Year:  2013-2014
Course:  Public Speaking
Instructor:  Mrs. Carolyn Tatem
Credits: 1
Contact :  tatemtruck@gmail.com or 301 814-0828

Assignments/Notifications/Grades Website:  www.thinkwave.com

Required Materials
• All students should bring the following to class, in addition to their textbook
• Notebook or 1 inch Binder
• Two pocket folder
• Pen
• Index cards
• New King James Bible

Christ in the Classroom
-Each class will start with prayer.  Scripture will be referenced and incorporated throughout the class.

Student Objectives
Students will be able to:
• Understand the significance of learning to speak publically.
• Research and prepare different types of speeches. 
• Practice speaking publically.
• Listen, review and critique various public speeches.   
• Gain skills that will help to build their confidence in speaking publically and in communicating. 
• Define public speaking terminology.

Course Objective
• This course is designed to provide students with the best possible training in public speaking and communication.  It is a comprehensive study of public speaking, intended to give the student purpose, practice, and polish in any speaking situation. 
• Note:  The goal of the class is not perfection but improvement and greater confidence in public speaking.

Sound Speech:  Public speaking and communication studies

Graded Course Components
Homework Assignments/Prepared Speeches    -      50 %
Note:  Always review the notes or chapter from the previous class before coming to class.  Also, homework will be posted on Thinkwave. 
Class Participation  - 25%
Test and Quizzes –  25%

Late Assignments
Each assignment is due on the date specified by the instructor.  Assignments will be marked down one letter grade for each day that it is late. 

Assignment/Activity Calendar:
Date Topic/Activity Page
September 5  - Course Introduction: Chapter 1 - What’s the Difference? (Page 4)
September 12- Chapter 1:  I Will Never Speak in Public!
                            Chapter 1:  It Won’t Help Me! (Pages 7-9)
September 19 - Introduction Speech  (Pages 15-17)
September 26 -  Assessment: Test on Chapter 1
                             Introduction to Chapter 2  (Page 20)
October 3 -    Chapter 2: Speaking Critically  (Page 25)
October 10 -  Chapter 2: Action for Relaxation (Page 28)
October 17 -  Personal Opinion Speech (Pages 35-37)
October 24 -  Assessment:  Test on Chapter 2
                        Chapter 3:  What is Communication? (Page 40)
October 31-    Chapter 3: Other Communication Factors (Page 46)
November 7-  Chapter 3:  Types of Communication (Page 51)
November 14 -  Assessment:  Test on Chapter 3
                           Personal Experience Speech
November 21 - Thanksgiving Break
November 28 - Chapter 4:  I am Listening
                           Improving Your Listening ( Pages 62-65)
December 5 - Chapter 4: Assessment
                        In-Class Listening Evaluation 
                        Christmas Break/Classes End 


Sept. 22, 2012

Critical Thinking

from:Onuma, Kathleen

to:Critical Thinking

Dear Students and Parents:

You all did a great job on your assignments for Critical Thinking. I appreciate the enthusiasm that you share with the class each week.  Please review your lessons from The Thinking Toolbox. Please think about the lessons when you watch television, read an article in a magazine, see a television ad or when you do your homework.  Always ask: why is this being said? Share these lessons with your parents.

Look forward to seeing you,

Mrs. Onuma

Sept. 22, 2012


from:Onuma, Kathleen

to:SAT Prep-English

Dear Students and Parents:

Please complete the book: The Miracle Worker;  please use the active reading sheet that was given to you to help you focus on your reading.  Visualize what is happening in the story.  Try to imagine that you are Helen.  These things may help you personalize your reading time and help make it more interesting. The best way to improve vocabulary is to read.

Review your vocabulary for weeks 1&2.  You are expected to have a notebook with your vocabulary homework. You are expected to use your index cards for review.  Your cards should be brought to class weekly.  Incorporate your words into your daily conversation.

Our next book is: To Kill A Mockingbird, please bring it to class with you on Thursday.

You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength!


Mrs. Onuma

Sept. 22, 2012

Career Planning Class

from:Onuma, Kathleen

to:Career Planning

Dear Students and Parents:

Thank you all for sharing your collages with the class.  All of you did a fantastic job!  I hope that you realize that we are all blessed to have a God who enjoys blessing us with gifts, talents, and skills.  We thank the Lord for all that he has done for us.  I pray that we all appreciate one another and realize that we need one another.

I look forward to seeing you on Thursday, I will put a file up with the Chap. 2 reading assignment this evening from the book: Do What You Are by Paul Tieger and Barbara Barron.


Mrs. Onuma

Sept. 21, 2012

Periodic Table of Elements

from:Gibson, Dannielle

to:All Students

Here is a Table of Elements for your notebook.

Sept. 19, 2012

Being Prepared for Class is Vital

from:Simms, Danielle

to:American Government

Greetings My Fellow Americans!

Today we looked at the Unique Nation we live in called America. We identified many American symbols, Monuments and Memorials. On YouTube we tried to watch parts one & two of America's Godly Heritage-with David Barton.  Watching the two clips are now part of this week's homework assignment.  We completed our first quiz.

Many of the students were unable to complete the assigned classwork and/or homework. Each week the students are assigned a chapter to read and review questions to answer. These assignments are due weekly at the beginning of class. Don't allow these assignments to pile up and become a point of stress for ALL. Pace yourselves and read each day. I have given out paper copies of Chapters 1,2, and 3.

Aug. 31, 2012

Welcome to the 2012-2013 School Year!


to:All SCAH

As you prepare for the school year, please register for group classes, oversight, and sign up to bring your favorite PREPARED dish to our Kick-Off Cookout.

It's really important that your family attends the cookout so that you can receive the official packet necessary to start your school year with SHABACH! Also, take advantage of the opportunity to meet other parents, teachers and students.


We Look Forward to Seeing You There!

Aug. 15, 2012

Homeschool Grades Submission Dates 2012-2013 (Middle and High School ONLY)


to:All Teachers

These are the important reporting dates/deadlines for the upcoming school year. If you have any further questions, please contact Ms. Dannielle Gibson at (301) 772-8591 or dgibson@shabachministries.org.

1st quarter begins - September 4
1st quarter Progress report period ends - September 28 (Middle/High School Teachers)
1st quarter Progress reports due– October 5 (Middle/High School Teachers)

1st quarter ends –November 2
1st quarter Grade reports due - November 9 (Middle/High School Teachers)
1st quarter Grade - November 15(Parents)

2nd quarter begins– November 5
2nd quarter Progress report period ends - November 30 (Middle/High School Teachers)
2nd quarter Progress reports due - December 7(Middle/High School Teachers)

2nd quarter ends- February 1
2nd quarter Grade reports due - February 8 (Middle/High School Teachers)
2nd quarter Grade reports due - February 14(Parents)

3rd quarter begins– February 4
3rd quarter Progress report period ends - March 1  (Middle/High School Teachers)
3rd quarter Progress reports due - March 8  (Middle/High School Teachers)
3rd quarter ends- April 5
3rd quarter Grade reports due - April 12 February 8 (Middle/High School Teachers)
3rd quarter Grade reports due - April 18 (Parents)

4th quarter begins– April 8
4th quarter Progress report period ends - May 3 (Middle/High School Teachers)
4th quarter Progress reports due - May 10 ((Middle/High School Teachers)
4th quarter ends -  June 7
4th quarter Grade reports due - June 14 (Middle/High School Teachers)
4th quarter Grade reports due - June 21 (Parents)