Cloud Based School Management Software with Teacher Gradebooks

School Management System with Integrated Teacher Gradebooks and Free Gradebook

Cloud Based School Management Software with Teacher Gradebooks

School Management System with Integrated Teacher Gradebooks

  • Cloud based student management software with teacher gradebooks and student & parent access. Cloud based student management software with teacher gradebooks and student & parent access.
  • New messaging and emailing systems provides easy communication between teachers, parents & students. New messaging and emailing systems provides easy communication between teachers, parents & students.
  • Teacher gradebooks distribute and collect assignments online. Teacher gradebooks distribute and collect assignments online.
  • Custom report cards and transcripts can be printed or delivered electroincally. Custom report cards and transcripts can be printed or delivered electroincally.
  • Cloud-based solution provides security and reliability. Cloud-based solution provides security and reliability.
  • All-inclusive license includes support and upgrades. All-inclusive license includes support and upgrades.
  • Distribute & collect assignments online. Distribute & collect assignments online.
  • Flexible Grading Options Flexible Grading Options
  • Automatic mass email to students and parents. Automatic mass email to students and parents.
  • Advanced messaging system. Advanced messaging system.
  • Quick and easy access to all needed data. Quick and easy access to all needed data.
  • Powerful custom reports. Powerful custom reports.

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When you have started, call (866) 339 9283 or email and tell us exactly what want for your customized report card. We’ll help fine tune your setup to make your school management software work exactly right.



When everything is to your satisfaction, purchase a monthly or annual subscription. The work you’ve done during the free trial remains in your account.

Why Choose ThinkWave Student Management System

Instantly Enable Distance Learning

Save hours compiling report cards and transcripts.

Cloud-based solution provides security and reliability.

  • All-inclusive license with support and upgrades 1.
  • All-inclusive license with support and upgrades 2.
  • All-inclusive license with support and upgrades 3.
  • All-inclusive license with support and upgrades 4.
  • All-inclusive license with support and upgrades 5.
  • All-inclusive license with support and upgrades 7.
  • All-inclusive license with support and upgrades 8.
  • All-inclusive license with support and upgrades 9.
  • All-inclusive license with support and upgrades 10.
  • All-inclusive license with support and upgrades 11.
Instantly Enable Distance Learning

ThinkWave helps schools enable distance learning by making it easy to electronically deliver assignments and announcements. Students can upload work with an easy-to-use upload function. Files are immediately available to the teacher in the gradebook. Messages are posted and sent by email to all students and parents, specific groups, or classes.

Handouts, messages and assignments are organized in one place - everything is securely available from any computer.

Save hours compiling report cards and transcripts.

Administrators manage students, classes, schedules, attendance, and custom data. Teachers use a prepopulated gradebook to plan curriculum, record grades, and submit attendance. Students and parents login to track progress, download materials and submit assignments.

Time savings add up when double entry is eliminated and data flows smoothly. Everyone has access to all the data they need in the school management software. Best of all, generating reports becomes an enjoyable, one-click task.

Cloud-based solution provides security and reliability.

ThinkWave is available 24/7/365 from any location with an internet connection using personal computers, tablets or smartphones. It’s hosted on Google App Engine, together with education innovators such as Udemy and Khan Academy. Data is securely stored in encrypted form in multiple, geographically-distributed data centers.

The cost of subscribing to ThinkWave is much less than maintaining a high-availability system in-house.

All-inclusive license with support and upgrades.

Subscription includes school administration system, teacher gradebooks, online access for students and parents, technical support, and upgrades. Pay monthly or save up to 16.4% by choosing an annual plan.

Simple, understandable and predictable pricing eliminates headaches and lets you focus your energies on what’s most important: educating your students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the school management software gather data from multiple teachers to create a consolidated report card?

Yes. A key function of the education management system is to streamline the flow of information and eliminate double entry of data. Teachers keep assignments and grades in their gradebook, grades are automatically calculated, and results are instantly available for report cards and student transcripts.

Do all teachers have their own accounts in the school management software?

Yes. Each teacher has a secure personal account with a pre-populated gradebook, an interface for taking attendance, printed and email reports, and powerful tools for messaging students and parents. Grade and attendance information instantly flows to the administrator views. Teachers can have private or group wide discussions with students regarding assignments, messages, or individual student work.

Can administrators and teachers send email messages to everyone in the school?

Yes. The school management system provides powerful messaging and emailing functionality. Administrators can post messages to students, groups of students, teachers, or parents and automatically send them by email. Teachers can send messages to students in their classes. Recipients can comment and reply to the messages.

The management system automatically sends summary emails to students and parents. These reports include latest messages, recently graded assignments, upcoming assignments, and recent attendance. By default, summary emails are sent weekly. However, those emails are only sent when there are new messages, new assignments, new grades or new attendance.

Can the school management system calculate GPA?

Yes. ThinkWave student management system provides powerful tools for calculating GPA, including weighting by units, adjusted gpa for honors classes, and the ability to include or eliminate classes, terms or years from the final calculation. The GPA is available for report cards, transcript reports, GPA reports, and custom reports.

Can we upload our school logo?

Yes. Your school’s logo can be uploaded and will be included in report cards, transcripts, and custom reports.

Where is student management software data hosted?

Data is hosted on Google App Engine. Google App Engine is a cloud-computing platform mirrored on redundant servers. The servers are backed up constantly on multiple mirrored locations in various data centers around the US. The data centers contain some of the highest physical security access requirements found anywhere in the world. For additional security, we recommend schools perform a local backup at least once a term. The Setup tab provides the ability to export all grades, attendance, and custom field data in .csv format. The exported file will have a .txt extension. Renaming the file from .txt to .csv will allow the file to be imported into Excel. Also, we recommend schools generate the report card, transcript, student summary and gradebook reports once a term in .pdf. ThinkWave school management systems software has incorporated and abides by Google's privacy policy by reference within our privacy policy. We use SSL to transmit data, as can be noted on the top left of the browser window.

Can I download my school’s data from the school management software?

ThinkWave school management system software provides tools to export attendance, grades, and custom field data in a widely-compatible .csv format.

How many administrator accounts does the school management software support?

Each administrator should have an individual login. An additional administrators screen in the setup view provides tools to create an access code for all the administrators in your school. There is no limit to the number of administrator users.

Can more than one teacher access the same gradebook?

Yes, there is an option for multiple teachers to access a course in the student management system. First, add the teacher aide as a teacher in the Teachers tab in the education management software. Then, in the Teachers menu, click the Assisting item - and enroll the teacher as an assistant to the proper classes. Finally, send an invite letter by email to the assistant teacher to access their online account.

Can parents see all their students in one login or do they need separate accounts?

The system makes it easy to associate multiple parents and guardians to any student, as well as group all students for each parent.

Can the school management software be used for Adult Training?

Yes. ThinkWave school management software is used in a wide variety of educational institutions, including colleges, vocational schools, training programs, and more. If parent access is not needed because the institution is geared toward adults, it is easy to disable Parent online access and just use online access for students.

How many years does the school management software maintain in the database?

The annual license for ThinkWave includes storage for previous years’ data. So there is no difference if your school maintains 1 or 10 years of historical data. It is possible to use the “Rollback” function to create previous years, and enter historical data to enable comprehensive transcripts for students.

Does the management system support taking attendance?

Yes. There are multiple ways to use the school management system to manage your school’s attendance. Attendance can be recorded on a per-class, per-day, per half-day or custom basis. Marks can be entered directly by administrators or by teachers. Custom rules can be used to calculate attendance results. (example: student earns a second-half-day absence if she misses over 50% of minutes during 4th, 5th and 6th periods).

Does the gradebook allow weighting of assignments types (e.g. Homework 40%, Quizzes 20%, Tests 40%) and drop lowest grades?

Yes. Each teacher can establish custom grading options in their gradebook interface. Grade calculations can be pure points or flexible grading options. Flexible options let teachers combine points, percentage, letter, pass/fail, complete/incomplete or custom grades into one final grade. Teachers can throw-out lowest grades, use assignment-type weighting, combine subterms, and more.

Can teachers have different grading options for different classes?

Yes. Teachers can establish default grading options for the entire gradebook, or set up custom grading options for each class, or even customize grading options on a per-term basis.

Can teachers copy their assignments from previous years?

Yes. Teachers can copy assignments, including descriptions and attachments from previous terms, or even from other instructors. ThinkWave student management software automatically distributes the assignments into the current term with the same spacing as the previous term. All descriptions and attachments are also copied.

Can students turn in homework using the school management software?

Yes. Students have multiple options for submitting work online. Students can directly submit work using a text editor, and teachers can make revisions or corrections to the work. Students can also upload files, or submit links to online resources, such as Google Docs. Teachers and students can have a private discussion regarding each individual submission.

Which product is appropriate for my school, the solo gradebook or the student management system?

As a rule, schools use the student management system while solo teachers use the free online gradebook. Some advantages of using the ThinkWave schoolwide system include: All teachers get their own gradebooks and individual logins. Multiple administrators can access all school records and gradebooks with their own logins. Combined data from multiple teachers integrates to create unified report cards and transcripts. Your school can track day attendance instead of just section attendance. Students see all their teachers automatically upon login.

Can you print a standards based gradebook report card with ThinkWave?

Yes, ThinkWave can print a standards based report card. The report card can be customized in a variety of formats to properly display standards assessments. Many of our schools use ThinkWave to automatically generate Pre-K, Kindergarten, and other standards based reports.

Admins begin by setting up standards and attaching standards to courses. Then the teachers get those standards in their gradebook automatically. Standards can be created in Setup | Standards & Skills (this is where you would go to add "Letter Recognition", etc.). Then, select a course in the Classes tab, and attach the standards and skills to the class. To attach a standard to a course, go to the Classes tab and click the edit icon next to "Standards & Skills". Teachers can then assess standards separately (in their Final Grades by Class subtab). Standard assessments will then automatically show on the report card.

Can you print behavior and conduct on the report card?

Yes, ThinkWave can print behavior and conduct on the report card. To create behavior marks, create a Graded Skill called "Behavior" [and all your other character marks like “Pays Attention”] in Setup | Grading | Graded Skills. Then, go to the Classes tab and on the bottom there, check the edit icon next to "Standards & Skills". Behavior can be added to only one course or multiple courses. A grade can be entered by teachers / admins for Behavior and a comment up to 5,000 characters can be entered. The behavior skill can be included on report cards and transcripts. The grade would be entered by teachers in their "Final Grades by Class" subtab, or by admins in the Final Grades tab. The behavior mark can be displayed either next to the overall class grade or in a separate section on the report card.

Does the school management software support report card comments?

Yes. Teachers can add comments up to 5000 characters per course using the Final Grades by Class view in the gradebook screen. Alternately, comments can be added (or overridden) by administrators in the Final Grades tab.

Does the school management software support A/B scheduling?

Yes, we have the option to set up A/B Schedules. To set up this schedule, school administrators should:

  1. Go to Setup | Schedule | Day Schedules.
  2. Rename the Default schedule to “A”.
  3. Click “Add Schedule” and create a B Schedule.
  4. Click on schedule A, and edit the periods as necessary. If you need to create more periods, like “1st Period B”, do so here: Setup | Schedule | Periods.
  5. Then, and this is important, mark every other day in the Monthly Calendars (found on the bottom right of Setup | Schedule | Monthly Calendar & Schedules as “B”. You will need to click on every other day in the calendar and change the schedule in the pulldown to B day (the A days will already be set).

Note: you can also create more detailed Day Schedules. If you like, email us details and we can set this up for you.

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Some words from our happy schools

"ThinkWave has enhanced our ability to communicate, support our staff, manage students, interact with parents and other schools, and house our student data."

Boise State University, TRiO PreCollege Upward Bound

"The most important aspect has been the impact ThinkWave has made on our ability to complete educational reports to various government agencies. This has freed up countless hours for staff to focus on students rather than paperwork. Transcripts, schedules, attendance, and more can all be completed and printed in a few easy clicks saving us time and money."

Matthew L. Henry, Southeast Culinary & Hospitality College, Bristol, VA

"ThinkWave is very inexpensive compared to other student management systems and the online version gives flexibility to access from anywhere at any time."

Wisdom School, London

"I feel also that the price is very reasonable and within the reach of any school that had needs to grade and track classes."

Dr. Wilford Rathel, Open Bible Institute, Chambersburg, PA

Featured Schools

Teachers have gained greater flexibility, and everyone benefits.

We can work from home now, or from Starbucks,” she said “Teachers put their grades in the gradebook and they are imported into a common report card. Because of ThinkWave, we are now able to run weekly report cards. I can run weekly report cards for the intervention team. I can see grades and every missing assignment and communicate assignments. Much to the chagrin of many, we can run reports on academic eligibility for sports. Coaches, students and parents don’t like this, but they know it’s important. We can run them on a weekly basis to know if athletes are eligible to play. If we print them out weekly, teachers don’t have to rush.

Our teachers now use ThinkWave as their primary grade book.

“We often write extensive narrative reports, and most software programs will not support those long comments. ThinkWave does.” Lyman has been particularly pleased with the responsiveness of the support team at ThinkWave. "ThinkWave has provided the best support I have found in more than 30 years of working with technology in schools,” he says. For Hill School, ThinkWave has become an important tool in achieving their mission-driven goal of keeping parents informed about the healthy learning and growth of their children. “ThinkWave helps us keep parents informed,” Lyman says, “and it saves us time to pay attention to what we think is most important in educating children.”

ThinkWave helps make that communication possible.

Parents can easily login to track student progress, and teachers have an easy way to communicate progress reports and other important updates. “It’s like having a report card at your fingertips, but one that’s a living document,” Tamie Pilling says. “You can see where things are going well, what might need attention, and what’s coming up.”

The best school management system I have used.

ThinkWave has become a primary aid to her teaching by saving her time in calculating grades and delivering feedback to her students. In the first semester of the 2016-2017 school year, over 25 different elements were used in the Year 7 and Year 8 grade English classes alone. “This means,” Joseph said, “we can make incredibly accurate assessments of not only our students’ progress, but also their future educational requirements.” KIS plans to expand their use of the cloud-based software to customize the report card feature in order to produce end of term reports.

I can’t tell you the time that saved us.

She said the parents love it. They can view grades for all of their children in real time on the same account and receive report cards by email. Another challenge came up when PCCA needed to create a complicated elementary report card template according to the local school district’s requirements. “We called ThinkWave and they told us to send it over. They’re custom designing the template for us. That’s fantastic!”

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