ThinkWave has provided our school with a simple, affordable solution to what could have been called a records nightmare for our small school. Previously, we were recording all records by hand or with simple spreadsheets that required manual input. Semester grades were once taking staff nearly two weeks to compile and submit to students. This process now only takes a matter of minutes once grades are completed online. Instructors no longer have to be physically at the institution to complete grading/attendance related tasks. The most important aspect has been the impact ThinkWave has made on our ability to complete educational reports to various government agencies. This has freed up countless hours for staff to focus on students rather than paperwork. Transcripts, schedules, attendance, and more can all be completed and printed in a few easy clicks saving us time and money.

— Matthew L. Henry, Southeast Culinary & Hospitality College, Bristol, VA

Coming from a previous grading system which was bloated with features we didn't use, we were looking for an efficient grading platform. ThinkWave, free of browser plug-ins and client software installs, is a perfect fit for us.

— Andrew Ferree, Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic School, Salt Lake City, UT

From a program perspective, ThinkWave has fundamentally changed the way our program works. It has consolidated literally dozens of spreadsheets and tasks into one central location available anywhere that has internet access.

For administration, it has streamlined our workflow and saved countless hours. Especially around student scheduling and student records it has made an almost unbelievable difference. For teachers, it has brought our grades, assignments, attendance, and other records into one location. All teacher grades and attendance marks are centralized and consolidated. Student feedback is instant. Progress reports are easily generated. Missing assignments are simply posted to the class.

For students, ThinkWave gives them the control of "peeking" into the gradebook. Students can - from anywhere - check on their grade in real time. They can see what assignments are missing. They can pull assignments from the "cloud". We've noticed them taking charge of their academic record like never before - a skill that will serve them well in college. ThinkWave began as an experiment for us a couple years ago. In 2012 it became an integral part of how we work with all team members using it.

— Curt Peterson, Director, Career Link (South Seattle Community College and Highline School District), Seattle, WA

After using ThinkWave at Princeton Day Academy (PDA) for the last six months, I can honestly say that I have no idea how we managed for as long as we did without it. We are proud of our 100% college acceptance and attendance rate, and the powerful tools that ThinkWave provides (including real-time attendance reports, up-to-the-minute progress reports, percentage and letter-based grades, and so much more) has allowed us to realize the true potential of our student scholars as we can gauge daily how often they are processing work, uploading assignments and outdistancing their peers at other schools.

ThinkWave has expanded how we are able to communicate with all of our stakeholders and in particular, with our students and their families.

We previously did all grades and other information by hand, which was a recipe for disaster (in my opinion). Our records were subject to human errors, incorrect tabulations and even addition mistakes when it came to final credit hours and of course, GPAs. With ThinkWave, we are always 100% aware of where each and every student stands 100% of the time and because students can directly interface with our teachers and staff (by uploading their work), our school GPA has risen a remarkable 30%. I attribute this to the fact that ThinkWave has allowed us to reach students precisely where they are - on the web. At Princeton Day Academy, each of our scholars must have a laptop. Our books are on flashdrives that come pre-loaded with PDA-branded power points and class notes for the entire year.

ThinkWave has allowed to seamlessly integrate our all-digital instructional format in a way that no other school-management platform would allow. We did a informative 30-minute tutorial with our teachers two weeks before school started and they found innovative ways to incorporate ThinkWave into their everyday instruction. At Princeton Day Academy, ThinkWave is much more than a teaching tool; it has come to define how we communicate and how we have stayed ahead of our competition.

When we realized we could produce precise transcripts, progress reports, attendance reports and other records with the click of a mouse, we were sold. I would highly recommend ThinkWave to any school or any size, anywhere. Except to the competitors in our area. There's no way I want them to know the secret to our success.

— Van Whitfield, Ph.D., Princeton Day Academy, Beltsville, MD

Great product with great support!

West Virginia Junior College-Bridgeport Campus started out using the 2.81 version of ThinkWave. We switched to ThinkWave 3.0 in Spring 2011. Our programs are 18 months long and students have new classes every 6 weeks. We have 8 orientation sessions a year for new students. The flexibility of ThinkWave allows us to set up each six-week module as a separate grading term.

Although we use a different system for the generation of report cards and transcripts, we needed a user-friendly system for instructors to setup assignments, post grades, receive uploaded assignments, calculate final grades, and provide a printed grade book record. ThinkWave provided all of that and more! The flexible grading allows for instructors to use points, percentages, or a combination of both.

Students no longer have to wait for the instructor to conference with them to know their current class average, they can check it online. In addition, student can see assignment details and upload assignments directly. Additionally, the comment box allows instructors to communicate with students about an assignment or grade if they have not been able to speak to the student in private. The blog feature allows us to post messages to all students or to just one class or group of students.

The ThinkWave staff and developers have been great about adding features that would assist us in using the program to suit our needs. All of our support questions and needs are answered promptly. I even had one answered on Christmas Day!

— Ms. Beth Fitzgerald, M.Ed., Academic Dean, West Virginia Junior College-Bridgeport Campus

I can't remember how I functioned before ThinkWave. Since using the program, I am more sane and, more importantly, my students are better prepared and informed.

My favorite aspect of ThinkWave is the ability to upload assignments. If a student misses a day and asks what they missed, I can almost always reply, "It's on ThinkWave." Students have access to study materials for upcoming tests, and can see what is due when for the next few weeks. I've had a few instances where I bring a copy of an assignment for each student, but one or two students have already printed it from ThinkWave and completed it on their own. A more common incident is that the end of a quarter is coming up and a student is panicking because they're not passing. Instead of harassing them to come to class early or stay after school so I can print their assignments, they get to a computer on their own time and email me their work. The description box for each assignment also allows me to add any extra information so that students understand exactly what to do for each assignment.

I also love being able to track a student's attendance via ThinkWave. We have a policy in our school that students must be present at least 80% of the time to earn credit. When a student seems to be approaching too many absences, I can either print an attendance report for the student so they see how many days they've missed, or if I want to be more dramatic, I have them go through each day's attendance with me so they better understand how much school they have missed. This is far more efficient than the attendance folder I used to carry around.

ThinkWave keeps me and students accountable. When I make mistakes - if I forgot to enter a student's late assignment, for example - students notice that and ask me about it. This keeps their grades more accurate. If a student claims that they didn't know about an assignment that was due, I can point that in addition to going over the work in class, an activity has been on ThinkWave for weeks. Having class information public ensures that I am on top of my grading and planning, and students are on top of their own learning and success.

I've worked with a few other grading, attendance, and other systems in various schools, and ThinkWave is the simplest and most accessible. Plus, with its consistent improvements, I know it will get even better. I would recommend ThinkWave to any educator and school.

— Teacher, Career Link (South Seattle Community College and Highline School District), Seattle, WA

ThinkWave's online grading program is an excellent resource for maintaining grades, attendance, and other records. Our school has successfully used ThinkWave for several years, and we recently switched to their web-based program. Not only do our teachers enjoy the increased accessibility of the program, but our students and parents love the fact that they can look up their grades at their own convenience. The program is convenient and easy to use, with helpful features such as the ability to carry the students, teachers, and other settings and information over to the consecutive school year.

ThinkWave allows teachers to add assignments and enter grades easily, as well as offering flexible options in setting up, preparing, and printing report cards. Furthermore, the technical support staff is always friendly and willing to help, and they are constantly striving to improve the program and customize it for the needs of schools. We have been quite pleased with ThinkWave in the past and will continue to use this program in the future.

— Mary Shive, Harvest Baptist Academy, Natrona Heights, PA

ThinkWave has been an excellent addition to our summer program. It has enhanced our ability to communicate, support our staff and students, interact with parents and other schools, and house our student data.

  • ThinkWave has enhanced our Upward Bound program by allowing 24 hour support for parents and students. Students are up to date on assignments, attendance and grades. Students are able to monitor and track their progress and meet deadlines better. Thus allowing them to be more accountable.
  • ThinkWave has enhanced our ability to support staff and students. ThinkWave allows for reports and rosters, so we can keep teachers and staff up to date. We can troubleshoot school issues much faster, because ThinkWave is minute by minute. We can help students to meet their goals in school and support staff as they excel in the classroom.
  • ThinkWave has increased our communication with parents, because they are following their students progress. Considering that our program is a residential program on a college campus. Parents are aware of what their students are doing because of ThinkWave.
  • ThinkWave allows us to maintain student data from year to year, so that we can print transcripts, reports, attendance sheets and relevant information for our students.

ThinkWave has been great. It also was a highly valued tool as we received accreditation for our program this year.

GO TRIO. GO ThinkWave!

— Donnie Hale, Assistant Director, Boise State University, TRiO Pre-College - Upward Bound - Owyhee, Borah and Capital High Schools

We have been using both ThinkWave Educator and Administrator for three years now. We are very pleased, particularly with the most recent upgrades. We are able to depend on the ThinkWave Server to keep our data and allow access 24/7. The variety of options for my teachers' gradebooks are very helpful. In addition, my administrative access to teachers' gradebook information helps me to track not only teacher grading, but also student's grades, missing assignments, extra credit, and homework. Finally, allowing parent access to their children's grades gives them information at their fingertips and prevents so many calls and questions in regard to grades and assignments. I am glad we found this grading system!

— Laura Dement, Principal, St. Therese Catholic School, Aurora, CO

I am the Registrar for Victory World Missions Training Center. I LOVE the simplicity of ThinkWave. It’s a great program to use! I love the custom features like being able to upload our logo on the reports so they look professional. The easy online access for teachers to enter their grades and for the students to be able access them by having their own log in and passwords is wonderful. Being able to customize the grades between points and percentages is a huge benefit! We are able to produce quality grade reports and transcripts in one easy click of a button. It’s been a huge blessing to VWMTC and I would highly recommend it.

Jaime Johnson, Registrar, Victory World Missions, Tulsa, OK

A we entered our fifth year, the administration, faculty, and staff at our small school decided we needed to implement robust grading software and an online information system for parents. ThinkWave 3.0 has allowed us to do this and more. The front office can now process report cards and transcripts in one fluid system (versus the amalgam of software workarounds we were previously using), and teachers can post weekly plans and homework so parents can help students stay on top of course material and due dates. And since the software is online, teachers have the flexibility to do this work at home. So far we have found that ThinkWave meets our needs, from grading and comments, to reports and parent communication. There are features we'd like to see added, and ThinkWave has been very receptive to our feedback. In additon, their support team has always been quick to reply to our questions.

— Barbara Jenny, Heronfield Academy--an Independent Middle School, Hampton Falls, NH

As a small start-up school, ThinkWave offered an affordable and very reliable online gradebook and attendance system for us. The support from ThinkWave has been nothing short of spectacular; problems have been fixed and issues solved in a very timely fashion. Feedback that is given to ThinkWave is almost always used. The user friendly nature of the program has benefited all of our employees and made this first year a much easier year.

— Chris Lundin, St. John Fisher Academy, Racine, WI

I wanted to take this opportunity to say that we have been thrilled with the addition of ThinkWave to our Open Bible Institute. It has brought a depth of professionalism to the grading system and given us an opportunity to go beyond the typical “Church related Bible Institute” This is a professional operation and the ability for the professors and students to access the information immediately is wonderful. We enjoy the expandability of the program and the possibility to change it to suit our needs. I feel also that the price is very reasonable and within the reach of any school that had needs to grade and track classes.

— Dr. Wilford Rathel, Open Bible Institute, Chambersburg, PA

ThinkWave is a great tool to record grades, upload readings, and post facts about each course. It has helped us a lot at the European School of Law and Governance and our students like it very much.

— Visar Hoxha, European School of Law and Governance, Prishtina, Kosovo

ThinkWave has been a wonderful experience for our school. With our school being small, with under one hundred students, we had to find a program that fit our needs, as well as our budget. During a web search, I found ThinkWave and have not turned back.

ThinkWave offers everything our small school needs in a grading system. Our teachers are happy that they have moved from the paper/pen grading to an easy-to-use, electronic, web-based format that they can access at their desks or from the convenience of their homes. Parents are able to track their child's grades regularly and as often as they'd like, and not have to wait for a report card or to make an appointment with the teacher. Our upper grade students are able to track their grades as well, so they too can be aware of their progress and areas in need of improvement.

The ThinkWave team listens to the needs of its users and have added upgrades to make their system even more user-friendly, by enhancing ThinkWave with additional programs to make a teacher's job even easier. They have added the ability for teachers to upload documents for students and parents, and they can upload documents for teachers as well.

ThinkWave even lessens the load on our administrative staff. Now we can process parent requests for copies of their child's report card in a few clicks. We can generate report cards in PDF format to print or send to parents via email. ThinkWave is the best thing that has happened to our school. Thank you ThinkWave!

— Kasana Mosby, Assistant Principal, Academy for Ideal Education, Washington, DC

Fairfield Christian School is known for keeping communication between parents and teachers a top priority. Adding ThinkWave has broadened that communication with our parents. As an administrator, I have found the ease of keeping track of attendance, watching teachers input grades, and printing grade cards is now such a relief. ThinkWave allows me time to do other administrator duties.

— Michelle Mix, Fairfield Christian School, Hamilton, OH

Dear Friends at ThinkWave,

Thank you for making our job of communicating with parents so much easier! We are using ThinkWave as a school for the first time this year with our entire middle school and we love it! Our parents no longer have to wonder how their child is doing in a class, they can just log on at home or at work and see every class. It is such a great tool and so easy to use. I have personally used several different grading programs over the years and none have even come close to the ease of your program.

Thank you for the support we receive if we need it, but so far we have printed two full reportcards without any problems. I remember another program that would freeze up every time a reportcard was needed to be run. It cost us hours of time and manpower to get things back on track. Your program works like a charm every time.

— Nancy Hameloth, Principal, Shoreline Christian School, Madison, CT

We have a small school in rural Arizona. We have tried various student information systems, grading, scheduling and State Test data banks.

ThinkWave has allowed us to consolidate these functions in an easy-to-access and economical way, without extensive staff training and beta testing. I personally have tried, tested and used over 15 different systems and combinations to achieve our needs. ThinkWave satisfies our needs on 95 percent of our requirements.

ThinkWave 3.0 is a great solution to our needs. It took me less than 45 days of beta testing to get this system to work for us. We now have a stable, dependable platform to rely on without running 3 partial systems.

Many schools across the country use School Master™, but I find this database very flawed for reporting anything but attendance to the respective state entity. School Master is very cumbersome in the grading and scheduling modules, which are expensive add-ons to their license. I use ThinkWave to bridge this gap. This allows me simple installation, simple dependable grade and scheduling data without having to invest time, effort and resources on inferior data bases.

This year I was able to bring down our system uses from 6 different platforms to just 2. Every teacher in our district had a different way of keeping and reporting grades. Installation and use of ThinkWave, exclusively, has ended this problem. Additionally, the final goal is output. Our people like the Grade Reports and Student Summary outputs.

My key interest was Transcript output. We are an open entry, open exit type school, so we take in kids with 2/3 of their course work completed. Once the framework is built, these incoming students can be input the same day we get their transcript in our hands. I struggled at first learning to perform this operation, but with good product support was able to jump this hurdle.

Over all, am highly pleased with ThinkWave. Although the product is not usable to upload Attendance to state databanks for funding, it is the best, most cost efficient thing going for the remainder of our data base needs.

Thanks to the good folks at ThinkWave...

— William Richardson, New Visions Academy, Arizona Charter School, Payson, AZ

We were constantly searching for a grading system that would meet our needs, be affordable and offer ongoing support. Then we found ThinkWave. We love it! It is very user friendly, it’s affordable even for our small school and the support it amazing. Whatever you need, they can do it! It takes very little time to enter your school information and get up and running. Preview it, you will be sold.

— Tami Messer, Secretary, Harvest Baptist Temple, Clyde, OH

As a secondary school in London, we have been using ThinkWave last two years and we are very satisfied with it. It is a great tool which enables us to keep marking online, and parents can see whether their child has homework or not. We produce termly reports and keep parents informed about their child's performance. It is very cheap compared to other school management tools and online version gives flexibility to access from anywhere at any time...

— Wisdom School, London, UK

ThinkWave is an amazing grading system that has made our school run more efficiently. Before buying the ThinkWave program, we were entering grades on our report cards manually and our teachers were using calculators to average their grades. What an amazing and time saving tool ThinkWave is for us! The setup is very user friendly and the technical support is top notch. I highly recommend this product to any school that is seeking a reliable and easy to use grading system. You will be so glad that you did!

— Laura Hawkins, Counselor, Wylie Preparatory Academy, Wylie, TX

I am a teacher in Pacifica, California and have used ThinkWave for many school years. Using ThinkWave helps my students and it helps me as well. My students can access their current assignments and find out their current grade, their parents can do the same.

Keeping students and their parents informed of their progress in my class is important to me. ThinkWave gives me an accurate and efficient way to keep the avenues of communication open. It is amazing how much time it saves me, since students don’t have to ask me, they can look for themselves.

I’m not sure I could do my job without a tool like ThinkWave.

— Mel Rubin, Teacher, Pacifica, CA

ThinkWave makes it easy to input scores in less than 5 min. a day. The setup was easy and I like the reports that I am able to send home to parents. Thanks for making my job easier!

— Marissa A., Teacher, Chula Vista, CA

I HAVE NOT USED AN EASIER GRADEBOOK!!!! MY STUDENTS LOVE THE WEBSITE...(yes I am writing this in all caps because I am screaming!!!) My job as an educator is so much easier this year. From entering grades to distributing grade sheets, this is the best program I have ever found.

— Mike P., Teacher

I am going to be teaching our entire faculty how to use your great program. Many parents are reporting to me how much they love this access to their child's grades. Students have been working harder knowing that parents have access to their grades. It's been so great that a parent called the school today and asked for the principal just to praise the program. Great stuff!

— Barbara D., Instructor

I am very pleased so far, and I've gone through many grade book programs that did not impress me. This is simple, intuitive, yet has some great options. You have a great application on your hands.

— Kirk W., Teacher 6th Grade

What a unique way to keep parents informed. Both of us will certainly use this site.

— Bob & Marcie B., Parents

I LOVE ThinkWave! This is the BEST gradebook software I have ever seen. I teach Computer Science, so I know my software! And the support staff has been wonderful.

— Stephanie L., Instructor

My child's teacher uses ThinkWave and I think it's great. I know exactly what my child is doing and what she isn't. All her grades and class assignments are shown. I wish all teachers would use this. I think it will reduce a lot of the questions that parents have about their children's school and classes.

— Julissa E., Parent

This has been a very helpful and valuable service. We help our student track assignments, communicate questions to the teacher, and receive information on projects and student grades on a regular basis. Thank you for providing this resource!

— Gail H., Parent

I really think that this is going to be really helpful for everyone. For starters your parents can keep up with my grades and make sure that I am doing okay. And second of all it will be really useful for me and all of the other kids to see if we are going to need to speed up or to stay the same, and I for one need to start speeding it up or else I am going to be failing. Thank you Mrs. L. for ThinkWave.

— Travis M., Student

ThinkWave Educator is a new concept in gradebook and classroom organization...

— ZDNet

ThinkWave gives the most important people in a student's life a chance to collaborate on the student's progress.

— Special Education News

It's a dream come true for parents...The service merits extra credit for the measurable, positive effect it has on student grades. It seems to suggest that when students have accessible, accurate and up-to-date information on their grades and on the parameters and deadlines for assignments, they do better in school.

— Albuquerque Journal

...this is a great way to communicate with the parents. They can check to make sure each and every assignment is turned in... Parents are commenting that they really like being able to click on and find the grades.

— El Defensor Chieftain

...parents are nuts about what [ThinkWave is] doing for education and for discipline in the home... Needless to say, parents love it, and the company is in tall cotton, fielding requests right and left for service expansions.

— The Dickenson Star

ThinkWave Educator is truly a teacher's aide for the information age. ThinkWave Educator is a sophisticated resource for teachers, students and parents... [and] offers a well-developed and intuitive interface that does much of the work for you. Its Internet integration features make it a must-have for educators in the new millennium.

— RocketDownload

Students can no longer skip class, claim they have no homework, or let their grades slide without being held instantly accountable by their parents.

— School Board News

For a teacher, there could be no easier way to publish assignments, activities, schedules, calendars, student information, and custom grading systems.

— LockerGnome

ThinkWave puts the focus on student performance. Grades become part of this ongoing daily dialogue, instead of just being a letter on a card that goes home every month and a half.

— Associated Press

Parents will be thrilled...

— Grade A Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Best Bet for Educators.

— USA Today

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— eSchool News

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