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Free online gradebook for solo teachers

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Flexible grading engine. Powerful reporting.
Access for students and parents.

  • An intuitive interface makes it easy for teachers to get started.
  • Flexible grading with letter, percentage, points and custom grades.
  • Powerful .pdf reports include student summary, attendance and gradebook.
  • Upload handouts and collect homework from students online.
  • Classroom blog with file upload.
  • Grades Online for students and parents.
  • Use on MAC, PC, iOS or Android using IE, Firefox, Chrome or Safari.
  • Free, ad-supported gradebook or premium gradebook with 100 GB online storage.
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If you received a startup sheet from your school, start here.

Intuitive interface

ThinkWave Educator 3.0 has an intuitive, easy-to-use, interface that can be learned quickly. Multiple classes can be maintained in a single gradebook. There is no need to login multiple times to access different classes.

Flexible grading options

Teachers can use an all-points grading system or a flexible grading system that combines points, letter grades, check, check plus, and custom grades. Teachers can create their own assignment types and can use assignment type weighting, for example, making Tests 30%, Homework 40%, Projects 15% and Participation 15%.

Powerful reports

ThinkWave Educator 3.0 includes powerful report generating capabilities. Reports are generated as professionally-formatted, ready-to-print, .pdf documents. Reports can be customized with a logo and header, and multiple other customization options.

Upload assignments and handouts online

Go green! Save on paper and toner cartridges. ThinkWave Educator 3.0 provides the functionality of a learning management system with the ability to upload homework and handouts online. Uploaded files can be up to 25MB each and the Premium gradebook includes 100 GB online storage. Many file formats are supported including .pdf, .doc, picture files, movie files and others. Homework is available for students and parents to download online. The upload function can also be used to organize handouts in one place. No need to email files between home and school - everything is available online from any computer.

Collect homework from students online

ThinkWave Educator offers the powerful ability to collect homework from students online. Students upload their homework files with an easy-to-use upload function. Files are immediately available to the teacher in the gradebook. Uploaded files are organized for the teacher by assignment and date.

Grades Online for students and parents

ThinkWave school management system improves communication by providing individual, password-protected accounts for students and parents to access classroom information. Detailed, day-to-day summary of student progress includes overall results, graded assignments and upcoming assignments. Grades Online can provide improved student achievement by improving organization and allowing for early intervention.

Classroom blog

ThinkWave includes blogging software. Blog posts and announcements can be directed to all students and parents, particular groups of students, or specific classes. Multiple files can be uploaded and associated with blog posts.

Easy to use from any computer, tablet, or smartphone

ThinkWave Educator is completely cloud based. This means there is no software to install. Teachers can access data from school or home. ThinkWave can be used with any modern web browser including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari and Chrome. It can be used on PC, MAC, Linux, iOS and Android devices.

Free gradebook and premium gradebook

ThinkWave Educator is available as a free, adsupported version, or as a premium version for $49.95 per teacher / year.

Get the product that's right for you.

ThinkWave Educator Basic is great for solo teachers who want a basic, free gradebook. ThinkWave Educator Premium is for teachers who want a full-featured gradebook with 100 GB online storage. ThinkWave Administrator is a schoolwide system that includes report cards and transcripts, as well as gradebooks for all teachers and student / parent access.

  ThinkWave EducatorFor solo teachers ThinkWave AdministratorFor schools & districts
  Free Premium School Software with Gradebooks
Teacher Gradebook(s) YES YES YES (for all teachers)
Parent / Student Access YES YES YES
Track Attendance YES YES YES
Flexible Grading Options YES YES YES
Messaging YES YES YES
Advertising Supported YES No ads No ads
Upload and Collect Assignments Online 25 MB storage 100 GB storage 100 GB storage
Secure Socket Layer encryption (SSL)   YES YES
Technical Support   YES YES
Administrative Access     YES
Schoolwide Report Cards     YES
Schoolwide Transcripts     YES
Pricing Free $49.95 / year SEE PRICING

If you received a startup sheet from your school, start here.