Custom Fields & Custom ReportsSecify exactly what data needs to be reported for your school.

Create custom fields relating to students, parents, teachers, and classes.

  • Custom fields can apply to specific classes, groups of students, or even individuals.
  • Short text, long text, date and choice fields are available.
  • Create custom tab views to organize custom fields.

Powerful, proprietary technology delivers custom reports that precisely meet the most particular reporting requirements.

  • ThinkWave can provide perfectly tailored report cards, transcripts, attendance reports, and more.
  • Reporting ties together standard elements of the Administrator data structure with custom fields, customizable calculations, tags, transfer history, and sorting to enable a broad range of highly specific results.
  • Layout architecture is designed to make reports visually appealing with a special focus on typography, proportion, and support for images.
  • Send a sample of a report that is most crucial to your school to It is likely that ThinkWave can deliver it for you.
  • Browse an extensive library of predesigned reports. Select a report, then use the built-in custom report builder to modify it yourself.
  • Create custom reports, and upload them to the public library to share with the world.
  • Implement reports in most languages. If support for your language is missing, please email to have it enabled.