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Advanced School Management Software

ThinkWave connects administrators, teachers, students and parents and makes it easy to automatically generate customized transcripts and report cards. It is great for a wide range of schools including elementary, secondary, vocational, trade, and college. ThinkWave includes integrated gradebooks for all teachers and real-time access to grades and assignments for students and parents. It is a modern platform that can be used on any PC or mobile device with a standard browser.

Custom Report Cards and Transcripts

ThinkWave makes it easy to produce consolidated student report cards and transcripts. Data from all teachers automatically combines to generate reports that can be printed or emailed to students and parents. Report cards can be fully customized using standard data blocks and custom fields. Transcripts contain results from all years in a student's academic history. A transfer history feature allows schools to record previous years' historical data to produce consolidated graduate transcript reports. ThinkWave will even customize a report card and transcript for your school for free. Call (866) 339-9283 or email to let us know what you need.

Manage Grades and Attendance for Your School

Grades, GPA, credits and attendance are automatically calculated and shared between administrators, teachers, students and parents. Grades from multiple subterms can be combined into final term or year values. Multiple grade scales can be used with different courses in one school. For example, elementary classes can use elementary marks, high school classes can use standard letter grades, and other classes can be graded with percents. Attendance marks for individual classes combine into per-day attendance marks using customizable calculations. Administrators can verify and change attendance marks if necessary. Flexible scheduling handles standard schedules, cyclical (A/B) scheduling, and weekly (M,T,W,Th,F) schedules.

All-Inclusive Pricing

Pricing is based on the number of students in a school and charged by monthly or yearly subscription. There are no long-term contracts, setup fees, cancellation fees, or other hidden fees. A free 30-day trial allows schools to get started with the software. All features are available and data is maintained. Return on investment appears quickly with saved administrative time.

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