to: Wine 2

For our class this morning! See you soon, Alex

to: Nutrition, Summer

Hi gang, 

I can be in the classroom today as early ast 2:45 so we can get started. Please let me know what time you will be able to be there via text: 4166932265.  Our official time is 330 but it would be nice to wrap up and move on! 


Looking forward to seeing you! 

to: Nutrition

Hello nutrition class, 

  1. I am still missing 8 grades for assignment #1. Should you wish to receive any grade, please submit by 10 pm tonight if your grade is missing. 
  2. I am missing some sign ups and some film choices for your final assignment.  Here is what I have: 

Mark,Tom N, Travis M and Martin-film required

Shane J, Steve O. Alex P and Emily S-Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Kyle, Dan, Lou Lou and Nathan? (someone has terrible printing)-Food Inc

Kass, Sean, Cody and Barb Rotten: Peanut

Ryan, Tanner, Mitch and Jacob: Rotten: Honey

Katrina, Kate, Trent and Dexter-Global Waste

Zac, Al Maxx and Mitch-Film? 

Justin and Jared-sustainable

Jordan, Jules and Jessica-Forks over knives

The following need to form two groups of three and let me know which film by 10 pm tonight: 

Dylan, Sophie and Jessie

Keysha, Duncan and Allan

3. Lastly, we will be completing the in class lecture on Feb 10 in the first hour. The test will follow. 


Please email me theresa@theresaalbert. Thanks! 


to: Restaurant Design

Evening all,

A quick recap of the hand-in format for Saturday, discussed last week:

Restaurant concept statement: either typed or hand written, letter size (8.5x11")

Restaurant design program: printed using the templates provided, letter size

SD floor plans: on Tracing paper, from 24 x 36" base plans. Include only the floors that you are using for your project.

The assignment outline is in the course manual, for any other questions, please email me. Good luck this week, see you all on Saturday.


to: All Students

Hi class, I know a few of you are under the weather. If you do not feel well please stay home in bed. Drink lots of fluids and get rest. I will send the notes out and we can discuss assignments! I, myself, am not feeling great but I will be there! Email me before class if this applies to you! Stay healthy!!!

to: All Students

Feb 6 – Supertracker
Feb 20 – High Fiber

Feb 13 – Healthy Cooking!!!!!

Do not forget assignments MUST be handed in before class starts, typed, in paragraph form, proper spelling. Include a title page with each assignment and your name.

to: All Students

files: week2.pptx

Here are the class notes!

to: Nutrition

files: Week 1.pptx

Hi Guys, 

Here is the week one PP. Please bring a calculator and printed copy of the EER tomorrow as we will complete it in class and hand it in. 


Please see attached.

to: Level 2

Please see attached details of the Vine Wine Trip competition, open to graduating Level 2 students. This is an amazing opportunity!!!

to: Level 1

Please see attached details about Level 2 Blogging Scholarship

to: Restaurant Design

Rundles is the location for the group presentations tomorrow! The first group is to start at 9:00am and the last should end at noon. Please be ready to present at least 10 minutes before your scheduled time!



to: Level 2

See attached, will come to you via Remind tomorrw...

to: Level 2

Please find attached the links to course evaluations which will be administered in classes on Feb. 24 and 25. These will also be sent via Remind on the day.

The attached links to final course evaluations of the year will also be sent to you via Remind on Thursday Feb. 25, so you can complete them prior to leaving Housekeeping (after the Commodities test) – but are posted here in case you would rather complete in advance. 

Hello Gastronomers: Attached here are some study notes. You can create one page of notes for the open-book quiz this Friday. The quiz will be multiple choice and short written answers.

Andrew C

to: All Students

files: Week6a.ppt ,   Week6b.ppt ,   Week6c.ppt ,   Week6d.ppt

Hi class,

Here are the final slides. 

See you tomorrow

to: Restaurant Design

files: Class 11.pdf

Week 11

to: Restaurant Design

Week 14

to: Restaurant Design

Marking Sheets

to: Restaurant Design

I will deliver prints of the design drawings to the bar at Rundles this evening after 5:30 (approx. 3 per group for rough work and final presentation).

to: Restaurant Design

files: 1to100.pdf


to: Restaurant Design

files: TEMPLATE.pdf

Template PDF

to: All Students

Message from the folks at Whistler Blackcomb who spoke to Level 1 students a couple of weeks ago: "If students wish to be added to our mailing list they can email with their full name, area of study, and the school they attend and we can email them when opportunities come up in our Food & Beverage division"

to: All Students

Hi guys, 

Here is an example of the high fibre assignment. 

to: Level 1

This Tues Feb 16, I will be asking you to complete a first set of course evaluations,  after CM and the MTCU survey. Here are the links in case you want to do these in advance. Do not forget to include your name! I will send these via Remind as well.

Level 1 Service Course

Level 1 Lab service Evaluation: Kastner

Level 1 Lab service Evaluation: Kechnie

Recipe Specs:

Zettler -

Rudner  -

to: All Students


So tomorrow we will be going on our field trip to the grocery store :) We will meet at the class room, i will go over a small lecture and the assignment and then we will be heading over to Zhers. Anyone who can drive would be great, I will be able to take 4 with me. Just remember to bring a pen or pencil and something hard to write on like a clip board. 

See you guys tomorrow!!


to: Nutrition

Hi guys, I am in the process of marking tests. As of right now your marks are updated. This is how I graded: In class presentations- based on content, answering questions, professionalism etc. no one got less than a 70 so very good on both! EER and fat finder: Did you answer all questions Can I read it??? If I could not make out an answer or number you lost marks. For eer if your number seemed off you lost marks - should have been in a range ( I don't think this was an issue for anyone). For fat finder if you answered the questions appropriately you got the mark. If not you lost the mark, also if I could read it or not. That is where a lot of you lost marks because I could not read a lot of the assignments. Good news everyone who handed in passed. If you did not hand in the first two assignments to me by sat you received zero. Next two are due by the last class. Good job everyone and don't freak out if your mark looks low it will even out once I get the test marks in! - Amy

Please see revised service schedule for Group A weeks 13-15, to fill in Angus's spots.

to: Level 2

Please see attached for info re. Gala roles and meeting Monday Feb. 22.