to: Restaurant Design

files: Class 3.pdf

Presentation #3

to: Level 2

Please see attached file outlining Level 2 Service attire requirements. While certain Labs may call for more casual or themed garb, in general SCS service attire should present a consistent, fairly formal look.

to: Level 1

See attached overview of the assignment Gabrielle Hamilton has set for the new year. REMINDER: this assignment is due on Tuesday January 12, in Culinary Management class. Please include a title page with your name and group number (1-37).

to: Level 1

Dear Level 1 students, During Housekeeping this afternoon (at 3:00) I will be asking you all to complete evaluations of: Orientation & Sanitation - and those of you who took the Prep Course to complete evaluations of the section of that course in which your were enrolled. I will send you the following links at 3:00 via Remind, but in case you have trouble accessing Remind - or want to complete these beforehand, here are the survey links to evaluations.

Your feedback is extremely important as it helps use improve courses going forward.



Prep Course Evaluation Rudner

Prep Course Evaluation Middleton

Thank you,


to: Level 2

If you have not yet completed the internship survey, please follow this link and do so as soon as you can. We need this information in relation to your apprenticeships. Thanks.


Please see revised schedule for Chats & Speeches. A revised Communications manual has also been uploaded to iTunesU including this updated schedule.

These are also posted on iTunesU but you may have to sign out and sign in again for the files to refresh.

Please see attached list of additional kitchen utensils you MAY want to purchase.

to: All Students

Please see attached file explaining this year's Instagram Challenge

to: Level 2

Hello Level 2 Students,

Kyle Clarke has withdrawn from Level 2 for health reasons (deferred until next year). Revised Level 2 Groups, Kitchen and Service Position Rotation, Lab Organization Chart & Group Schedules for Groups A & B have been uploaded to iTunesU - please use only the new files!

Thanks, Meg

to: All Students

Please see attached messages from Down the Street Restaurant and Linleys Food Shop

to: All Students

Just a reminder that all students MUST submit proof they have completed the online Health & Safety course AND Smart Serve AT ORIENTATION (or send certificates/scan or photo of card to in advance.)


to: All Students

files: wine log.docx

Hard copies of this file will be handed out in Wine class, but in case you lose your copy or want to work on the log on your iPad or computer, here is the document

to: Level 2

Here is the Level 2 Orientation Schedule.  

Stay tuned for another revision to Lab Org Chart & Rotations (nothing major).

I look forward to seeing you all next Friday!


The two attached documents contain hyperlinks contained in the Level 1 Service and Writing course manuals. Unfortunately these links are not "live" when accessed from an iPad, so I am posting them in this format to allow you easier access to the pertinent sites in class/preparing for class in these two courses.  

to: Level 1

See attached Level 1 groups & #s.

to: Level 2

Dear Level 2 students,

Bob Latham has found a new book he is assigning as the required text for the Wine course. It will be listed on the school website shortly (actually is listed under Level 1): Wine A Tasting Course; A Class in Every Glass, by Marnie Old (2013). You need to order this through Amazon (either .com or .ca) - the SCS website takes you to one link, but there are others. It should not cost more than $20.



to: Level 1

See Orientation Schedule attached. Also a map of key locations. On the Orientation Schedule, you will note both names of Groups (A, B, C) and #1-19, #20-38. By Oct. 1st I will post your practical Groups - within which you are numbered (sorry sorry - so impersonal, but efficient for some scheduling purposes.) Then the Groups & #s will make more sense. 

You will be receiving an email with other details shortly



to: Level 2

As there was a significant error in the previous version (Group C was not assigned a Lab with Gabrielle Hamilton), attached is a Revised Lab Organization Chart and IR/LP Markers List: there are many changes. This chart is like a jigsaw puzzle and changing one lab impacts all others. Please ignore/delete previous versions (I have removed them from previous TW message) and take note of your new Labs and due dates. I hope this will not change again, but alas it often does.


to: Level 2

Attached is the PO assignment description. 

Attached please find:

  1. Lab Organization Chart, which tells you who is student chef for which lab, PO due dates and lab package due dates/markers. In Weeks 1 & 2, you will note that there are a number of dinners where only the group is indicated. There will be no official student chef for these labs. This gives you a chance to see how the labs work prior to your turn as student chef – and it ensures equal # of labs for each student. 
  2. IR/LP Assigned Markers. You must submit your lab package to the pertinent marker (Ian Middleton or Randi Rudner) the Friday BEFORE that lab. You only submit a lab package for one lab (see Lab Org Chart). The lab package requirements will be reviewed at orientation. NB: you will also submit your internship report to your lab marker. If you have any questions about that report, please contact your marker: Randi  or Ian
  3. Kitchen & Service Position Rotation: this shows you who fills which position (kitchen & FOH) when any given student is student chef.

I will post the Purchase Order assignment details in the next few days.

You will each design a menu for one lab (mostly lunches; in weeks 3 & 4, a few students will do dinner menus), in consultation with your Lab Instructor (for lunches: Ryan O’Donnell, for dinners: Bryan Steele). It is critical that you contact the instructor well in advance to establish the menu for the lab – at least TWO weeks before your PO is due, as the instructor must sign off on the PO.  Those of you with lunch labs in weeks 1 & 2 will be contacted separately.  For questions about student-designed menus, you can email Ryan at or Bryan at

Dear Level 2 Students,

As the school year approaches, I want to touch base about a few things.

Attached please find:
1. Internship Package materials (manual, assignment sheet, marking rubric). Your internship report is due the first day of classes - Oct. 27th by 5:00PM to the office. You lose 5% per day for late submissions, no exceptions. So you must complete the report before the start of school.  Don’t delay and start the year behind!

2. Level 2 Groups, FYI. Some of you made specific requests to be in groups with other students. I have tried to accommodate but in many cases have not been able to, as it is very important the groups be balanced to ensure success across the board. At this point, the groups are pretty much set in stone.

Next week I hope to post on Thinkwave the Lab Organization Chart (which will also indicate who is marking your internship report/lab package in case you have questions), Kitchen & Service Position Rotation, and PO assignment information. I will send another email when that material is available – and also explain a bit about lunch labs.

You must submit proof of having completed your Smart Serve and the online Health and Safety course (if you have not already done so) by Oct. 23, via email to
Please ensure you take the time to complete these two courses before Orientation begins. The Smart Serve certificate takes a little time to process after completing the course/exam.
NB: students without Smart Serve certification will not be permitted to work labs and will suffer associated penalties (mark of “0”).

As you know our Gastronomic Writer in Residence this year is Gabrielle Hamilton, award-winning New York chef, owner of Prune Restaurant in NYC and author of the New York Times bestseller Blood, Bones and Butter. I highly recommend that you read this excellent book sometime before January 12, when Gabrielle starts at the school. It is an easy-to-read, entertaining and highly informative memoir of how Gabrielle became a chef; knowing the details will allow you to engage with her in more depth while she is here.

This year we have scheduled 2 days for Level 2 orientation: Friday Oct. 23 and Saturday Oct. 24. Attendance is mandatory as we will be covering critical material related to lab assignments & responsibilities, as well as course-related details some of you will need to prepare for classes/labs in Week 1.
Level 2s are invited guests at the school’s season opener on Friday Oct. 23 in the evening – this is a great opportunity for us to showcase you, and for you to meet and interact with the school’s supporters.

We are in the process of finalizing the Level 2 student contact info sheet. If your email or phone number has changed, please notify Tamara at as soon as possible.
Tamara has also requested that you answer the questions she sent for your SCS website bio. If you have not yet responded please do so, as we want to start populating the website lab calendar with this info.

If you have any questions, please contact me at
I look forward to seeing you all soon.


to: Level 1

Another reminder that you must return your contract with first payment by next Friday to secure a place in level 2 next year!

Please see attached details re. applying for The PMA Award (recipe creation) and the school's Blogging Scolarship

to: Level 2

Please see attached details re. applying for The Vine award (a wine trip!)

to: Level 2

Nominees for Valedictorian (more than one nomination) Sam Bavaro Mike Padmore Eli Silverthorne Please send your vote by email to Meg by 11:30 this morning.

to: Restaurant Design

Sorry for the late posting!

I was reviewing the course material and these appear to have been stripped from a previous upload last week. However, there shouldn't be any suprises - I just wanted you to have the marking sheets for your reference.

to: Restaurant Design

9am-9:30 - Heritage Group

9:30-10 - Winchester Group

10-10:30 - Sam, Michelle, Ashley, Lisa, Jules, Tara

10:30 - 11 - Bon Cibus Group

11 - 11:30 - Mise en Place Group

11:30 - 12 - Tied House Group

to: All Students

Hi class, 

Marks for all the assignments i have are in. If you emailed it and i did not get it, or you are missing a mark PLEASE email me your assignment tonight! FINAL CHANCE! 

Please all come to class at 130 as we will be doing evaluations and then the exam. Your exam is out of 125 marks and is very similar to the last exam, including material from the whole class. I know you all know the material and nothing in this exam will trick you. If you attended lecture, and participated in discussion you will do just fine. Please bring a calculator, or device which as one.

You will also need your IPAD for the evaluations. 

See you all tomorrow.


to: Level 2

Please complete the following before leaving Gastronomy class today! Many thanks.

Gastronomy 2 Course Evaluation 

Lab Evaluation: O'Donnell

Lab Evaluation: Rudner -

Lab Evaluation: Ogruce

Lab Evaluation: Steele

Evaluate only your lab package marker below:

Lab Package Evaluation: Middleton


Lab Package Evaluation: Rudner