Please see attached schedules of speakers, questioners & evaluators Weeks 13-15. Early = 1:30 class, Late = 3:15 class

Anyone interested in spending 5 months in Spain, all expenses paid, cooking tapas? Follow the attached link to find out more...

to: Nutrition

Hi Class, 

Nutrition notes for this week are posted!

See you tomorrow.

- Amy

Please see attached schedule for Week 13 midterm report card meetings with Meg.  

to: Nutrition

Hi Guys, 

Here are your notes from last week and this week. 

See you tomorrow!

- Amy

to: Level 2

Canadian Guest Chefs

Feb. 2, 3, 4:  Ryan Crawford, Backhouse
Feb. 5: Chefs League (Ian Middleton)
Feb. 6: Justin Dafoe, Baker Street Station
Feb. 9: Yva Santini. Pazzo Taverna
Feb. 11: Mike Angeloni, Grand Electric
Feb. 13: Neil Baxter, Rundles
Feb. 23: Matt Duffy, Café Boulud
Feb. 24: Arron Carly, The Bruce
Feb. 25: Bryan Steele, The Prune
March 1, 2, 3: Carl Heinrich & Ryan Donovan, Richmond Station

to: All Students

Please see attached list of students registered for the Ice Cream workshop on Monday, 9-3 at Rundles. No shows will have $20 deducted from securit deposit. There are some students on a wait list, so let me know immediately if you cannot attend - if I can fill your spot you won't be charged. Meg

to: Culinary Management

files: image.png


to: Culinary Management

Group 1: #1-6 Group 2: #7-12 Group 3: #14-17 Group 4: #18-23 Group 5: #27-31 Group 6: #32-37 Groups 1 and 2 will present Thursday week 13 Groups 3 and 4 will present Tuesday week 14 Groups 5 and 6 will present Thursday week 14

Group A: please see attached revisions for service weeks 10-16, filling in spots left empty by Douglas's withdrawal. With reservations at 40 or more for most dinners, the on-call will generally be needed. Thank you.

Please see attached 2 docs for Gastronomy

Please see attached study notes for Week 11 quiz. Also, for THIS Friday please  read:


Attached a revised Dinner service schedule for Group B weeks 9-16, adding an on-call each night. We thought we could get away without, but with bookings up to 40, the on-call will often be needed as extra runner, so... I do not plan to revise your Group Schedule, so please take note of additional shifts. Thank you!

to: Level 1

Please see AND download attached file for Gastronomy 1

to: Level 1

Please see below Gabrielle's instructions for rewriting your assignments. These are due at the start of Culinary Management, Tuesday Jan. 19 at 1:30 PM.

With the rigor and vigor of both Hemingway and Batali, please remove every single extraneous word, phrase, paragraph and sentence from your book reviews.  Apply to your reviews the several techniques we were able to identify by dissecting the 6 word novel and the 6 word memoir:
*respect the intelligence of your reader. (we know what size and color baby shoes are; we know that arugula is green and peppery.)
*let one excellent word take the place of 3 mediocre ones. (Our roast chicken recipes came to life when our words got better!)
*break up the potential monotony of straight play announcement with "color commentary", as used in sports broadcasting.
*use words that have impact and specificity in place of wan, general or oblique words: "scalding" versus "temperature", "gold" versus "valuable".

and finally, after you have dropped all the dead weight from your papers, be sure they still make sense, that they reveal who you are, that they have flow, and are lively to read.
thank you so much for taking the time to revise!

Please see attached schedule, by Group, of mid-year report card meetings & note your individual time!

Please see attached schedule for mid-year report card meetings, by Group.

to: Level 1

Re-posting the assignment for Gabrielle Hamilton, which is due Tuesday Jan. 12 in Culinary Management class. Please include a title page with your name and group # (1-37). Reminder: this is to be a 5-paragraph essay

to: Level 1

At the start of Housekeeping today, you will be given time to complete the following evaluations for Semester 1 courses. Please remember to include your name at the end so I know who has participated.

These evaluations are a vital source of info about our curriculum and instructors – so I encourage you to complete them thoughtfully. Although instructors will not see your name, they will see your comments, so please - be honest, but tactful!

Here are the links:

Level 1 Wine Evaluation

Level 1 Writing Evaluation

Food Costing Evaluation

to: Restaurant Design

Drafting Tips for Assignment #2

to: Level 1

files: Parlour.docx

Please see attached info about summer positions at The Parlour in Stratford. Also, anyone interested in applying to work at Black George in London can reach Chef Courtney Noble (SCS alumna) at:

to: Restaurant Design

Class #7 Slideshow attached

to: Restaurant Design

Tomorrow (Dec. 9) the course outline indicates that a guest restaurant owner will be speaking. Unfortunately, due to a scheduling conflict, Jessie from Red Rabbit will be presenting next week (Dec. 16) and the class scheduled for week 8 will be presented tomorrow.

See you then,


to: Level 2

N.B. Student Chefs: please do not source any product for your own labs. If you want specific product or ingredients (including beverages) from a specific producer, indicate that on your PO. Mike Booth will attempt to get what you want, within reason, but it will not always be possible (cost, availability and current stock are factors known only to Mike.) ALL purchases must go through Mike. It is not ultimately helpful to purchase product yourself unless you have cleared it with Mike FIRST. Otherwise, we run the risk of ending up with extra product, going over budget and wasting everyone’s time. It can also be awkward for the school if a student directly approaches a producer about product for a Lab (the producers may get confused/irritated by approaches from multiple parties, or feel rebuffed if approached by one person and essentially refused by another.)

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact Meg.


to: Restaurant Design

files: Class 6.pdf

Front of House Design

to: Level 2

Larder Schedule Week 6 at  Rene's  

Group A:

Wednesday Dec. 2, 3:00 – Larder exam briefing (1/2 hour)

Group B:

Friday Dec. 4, 1:30-5:30 – Larder exam briefing & preprep Saturday lunch

Group C:

Thursday  Dec. 3, 2:30-6:30 - Larder exam briefing & preprep Friday lunch

to: Restaurant Design

files: Class 2.pdf

Lecture 2 Images

to: Restaurant Design

files: Class 4.pdf

Class #4

to: Level 2

Please see attached file from Meghan Marshall.

to: Level 1

In week 5, I will meet with each Level 1 student individually to deliver midterm report cards and discuss. Please see attached schedule (by Group) and make note of your meeting time. All meetings at the SCS office. Thanks. Meg