Classes Screen

Here is where you add and remove classes and sections. This is also where you set additional parameters such as the number of credits a class is worth, whether the class is an honors class, what additional graded skills are used, the period the class is in, the assigned teachers, and the terms the class is in. You can also enroll students to classes in this screen.

To add a class:

  1. Click the Add Class button on the left (the box surrounding the Add Class buttom is prominently highlighted in orange).
  2. Type in the name of the class.
  3. Check the box next to terms the class is in. You can select more than one term if needed.
  4. In the period pulldown menu, select the period the class is in. If you need to, add new periods or adjust the period start and end times in the Setup screen under Schedule | Periods.
  5. Click Save


To set additional parameters for a class:

  • Credits: Enter the number of Credits the class is worth. The amount of Credits is used for GPA calculations. Also, the number of credits can be included in the report card. If you want certain failing grades to not give a student credits, adjust those settings in the Setup screen under Grading | School's Final Grade Scales.
  • Final grade: If you would like the grades displayed on report cards to be Letter Grades, choose "Letter Grade". If you want the grades on the report card to appear as a percentage, choose "Percent" (adjust rounding at Setup | School's Final Grade Scales.) You can add additional grading scales such as "Elementary" or "Kindergarten" by going to Setup | School's Final Grade Scales. The additional grading scales don't necessarily need to be A through F, they can be O, S, and U or any other grade scale you need.
  • Honors: Check the box if this is an honors class. The number of additional credits for an honors class can be set in the Setup screen under Grading | School's Final Grade Scales. A class that is marked Honors can be worth more in GPA calculations.
  • Section: A Class can also have a section name or number. Fill in the name of the section in the Section Name field. In addition, a single Class can have multiple sub-sections. To add another Section to a Class, go to the bottom of the main window, to the left of the bottom Save button. Click the Add Section link and fill in the appropriate Section Name, Period, Teacher and Term. Click Save. The Section will then appear indented under the name of the Class the Section is associated with. Hint: If it says "The name of the section goes to the right", click on that Section, and fill in the Section Name in the right window.
  • Period: Select the period that the class belongs to. To add periods, or to adjust the times a period meets, go to Setup | Schedule | Periods.
  • Teacher: Select the teacher for the class from the pulldown. To add a new teacher to the pulldown list, go to the Teachers tab and click Add Teacher.
  • Location: Enter the class location here.
  • Terms: Place a check next to the terms a class belongs to. A class can belong to more than one term. When you add a class to a term, it will also be automatically added to all its subterms (for example: First Quarter, Second Quarter, & Final Exam).
  • Graded skills: Check the boxes next to the additional graded skills (if you do not see any skills listed, add them in the Setup screen under Grading | Graded Skills). Additional graded skills are appropriate for elementary classes where a certain subject is graded using multiple parameters. For example, if Math class is graded for additional skills such as Spacial Thinking, Subtraction and Multiplication. As well, if your school uses standards-type grading, additional graded skills can be used to record grades for various rubrics.

To navigate to a class:

  1. Click the name of a class in the left column to select a particular class.
  2. If there are too many classes to list in the column (default number of classes is 30), a second pulldown will appear. Select the appropriate list of classes from the second pulldown to go to those classes. Alternately, select "prev" or "next" to navigate to those classes. To change the default number of classes that is displayed, go to Setup | General | Maximum to Display.

Enroll Students

  1. To enroll students into a class, click on the "enroll" link. Then check the box next to the appropriate student. Select Late Add or Early Withdraw if appropriate.
  2. If you want to show only students in a certain grade level or group, select the grade level or group from the pulldown menu under the orange header.

Vist Account

To access the teacher's gradebook for a class, click "Login" under Visit Account. To return back to the admin view, click the orange Return link at the top of the teacher's page.

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