How can I customize the default report card?

In the “Reports” tab find “Report Card” under the “Summary Reports” section (or click here to go there directly).

This is where you will find a pre-configured report card template that is semi-customizable, but one you don't have to create from scratch.

First, you must tell the template how you would like your report card to look.  This is done under the “Configure Report” heading.  Select “Single Term” or “Multi Term” next to “Style” to tell it to display one term of grades or grades from multiple terms.  

Next, give your report a title such as “Report Card”. 

For “Layout Orientation”, decide whether you want it to display in portrait or landscape mode.  A page in portrait mode is more vertical and is taller than it is wide.  Landscape mode is wider than it is tall and the page orientation is horizontal.

In the following section under where it says “Grades Block” you will select the term from the drop-down menu of the grades you want to display.  You can select just one term or a whole semester.

Next, you will see a series of options with boxes you can check if you want those options to appear on the report card.  You can have it display such things as the student's grade level, average grades per year or term, credits earned, etc. 

Now, it's time to decide if you want the student's attendance data to display on the report card.  Under the “Attendance” heading, you will see a drop-down menu next to “Configure”.  If you do not want to include attendance information on the report card, select “Do not include”. 

If you do want to include attendance data you can choose either “By broad attendance categories” or “By exact attendance marks”.  Broad attendance categories unlocks detailed options such as displaying excused and unexcused absence data as well as excused and unexcused tardiness.  If you want to display more precise attendance criteria, select “By exact attendance marks” and you can include information such as vacation days, early departures, medical leave, etc.

To get even more specific, you have the option of selecting attendance data for the whole day, or just specific classes.    

The next heading is “Include Custom Fields”.  This applies when you want to add extra information to the report card.  This can be items like date of birth, phone number, homeroom teacher etc. 

Hint:  You can add to these options by going into the “Setup” tab in the main menu and navigating to “Custom Fields” in the “Custom” section.  Click the green box that says “Add Custom Field”.  Give your field a title such as “Swimming Certificate” and then use the drop-down menu to select who the field will apply to ie. All students, all teachers, parents etc.  Finish by selecting the type of field you want such as short text, date field etc. and then click save.  Now, when you choose “Include Custom Fields” in your report card, this new selection will appear!     

“Add Custom Text” in the next box lets you write a message on the report card.  There are also codes on there which tell you how to customize your message by using bold or changing the font size. 

The final section is the “Options”.  There is a check box to select if you want to keep your custom fields and custom text on the same page.  You can also choose to make your font style large or small and if you would like it fixed or variable.  Variable is the same thing as wrap-around text. 

When you are finished, click the green “Generate” button.  You will now see your report card!    
If you are satisfied, you can click “Download it here” in the upper right.  If you would like to customize it further, click “Customize this report” in the upper left.

To view a video demonstration of this process, click here

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