Attendance Screen

Here is where you can input attendance. You can also "Finalize, Lock & Submit" attendance after you take attendance if you are working in schoolwide mode.

Taking Attendance

To take attendance for a class, select the name of the class on the left. Then select the date on the top left. The class will appear in the right window. If you would like to see the attendance from a different date, select a different date from the pulldown in the upper left (the pulldown is in the orange box). Enter attendance in the Teacher Mark column. If you need to make a comment about that day's attendance, use the Comments column.

Submitting Attendance

Although attendance will automatically go to ThinkWave Administrator anyway, you can mark the class (in a specific term) as "Finalized, Locked & Submitted." This will lock the attendance for a class. The administrator will get the indication that class attendance has been finalized. If you need to unlock the class, ask the administrator to Reset the class in their Attendance screen.

Videos (silent)

Take Attendance Teachers

Take Attendance Administrators

Add Attendance Types

Attendance Calculations

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