Delete student

To delete a student, the student's grades and attendance would need to be deleted first.

This is a complicated process to ensure that you don't accidentally delete a student.  It may be easier to withdraw a student than to delete one.

How do you delete the student's grades?

Click on the “Teachers” tab at the top and find the teacher of the student you wish to delete.  Then click “visit teacher account” on the right side of the teacher's record.  You are now in the teachers report.  Go to the “Gradebook” tab at the top and then go to the  “Final Grades by Student” at the top of the teacher's screen.

Then, click on the grade box next to the student's name where it says "Override" and in the drop-down menu containing letter grades, select the empty field at the top and click save.  The grade will disappear.

Go back to the Administrator view:

Go to final grades.  Click on student and then use the “Admin Override” drop-down menus in all classes in all quarters and get rid of the grades and delete all comments.  Click “save” when finished.  
Go to the "Classes" tab at the top.  For each class go to "enrollment" on the right side and click the pencil paper icon.  Then, uncheck the box for enrollment next to the student you want to delete.  Then go to the "Attendance" tab at the top and delete the attendance record.

Go into student's record and delete custom data such as parent/guardian info.

In the administrator profile, go to “Setup”-”Custom”-“Custom Fields”- “Record Values”.  Then click on “DOB” and delete the info for the student you are deleting.  Do the same in “Homeroom Teacher” “Honors”, “Hero Text” “Mobile Phone” and any other fields that contain data on this student.

Once you have done all of this, you can finally remove the student from the system:

In the administrator dashboard, click on the “Students” tab at the top.  You will see a list of students on the left side.  Click on the student you want to delete.  When inside that student's record, scroll down to the bottom where you will see a trash can icon.   Click the icon and you will be asked if it's okay to delete.  Click “ok”.


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