Release Notes (new features)


Bulk add for multiple students, teachers, classes and assignments


Drop lowest homework / test/ etc. grades.

Option to return marked-up work from teachers back to students.


Discussions under individual assignments, both general and private. The general discussion is accessible to multiple people (usually a class), and private discussions are only between teachers and students.

Teachers are now able to give direct feedback to the students through the new regions feature.

Students and teachers are now able to upload links to pages. (ie. a student can submit a google doc by attaching the link to the assignment).

Whenever a new message is sent, whether it is in a general or a private chat, the user will receive a notification of the comment on the top right of their screens under a bell icon. The user then will be able to hover over the icon and the notification list will pop up. By clicking on the name you will be able to be directly transferred to the new chat.

Ability for teachers to download student's files directly from the assignments page in the teacher gradebook. 

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