Here is where you add and remove teachers. You can also assign teachers to classes as well as provide teachers an Access Code to login to their own web-based gradebook.

To add a teacher:

  1. Click the Add Teacher button on the left (the box surrounding the Add Teacher button is prominently highlighted in orange).
  2. Type the first name and last name of the teacher in the Add Teacher screen. Click Save.
  3. Fill out any additional data in the information panel in the right side of the screen.


To assign teachers to classes:

  1. Click on the Classes tab.
  2. Select the class in the left navigation column. In the right window, select the correct teacher from the pulldown and click Save.

Access Code

The Access Code is the code a teacher uses to access their own, and only their own, web-based gradebook. The teacher gradebook is integrated with the administrator data automatically. Any grade and attendance data that a teacher enters instantaneously is available and viewable by administrators. Teachers access their own gradebook via a password protected and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) site. To give teachers access, print out the Login Instruction Sheets found under the Reports tab. The Login Instruction Sheets have detailed instructions for teachers to follow. In brief, a teacher must follow the below steps to access their data:

  1. Go to ThinkWave.com and click on the "Login" button on the top right of the home page and then click: First Time: Start Here.
  2. Create a Login and Password.
  3. Enter the four-part, sixteen digit Access Code to connect to their specific data.

Once a teacher links to their data, the "Access Code:" heading will change to "Linked To:". Under "Linked To:" the login name of the teacher will appear. If a teacher forgets their login name, you can find it here. If a teacher forgets their password, however, you will need to reset their account and provide them a new access code. Then they will need to create a completely new login name and password and enter the access code (the gradebook data will remain so do not worry about losing data). ThinkWave does not provide password recovery for teachers for security reasons. Re-setting the account, however, provides administrators the ability to give teachers continued access to their data.

If teacher remembers their password, but wants to change it, they can click on the 'Change password" link on their Dashboard.

If a teacher leaves the school, or you need restrict access to the student data, click the Reset button to the right of Linked To:. This will disconnect the gradebook from that teacher. You can then give the new Access Code to the new teacher.

Vist Account

To access a teacher's gradebook account, click "Login" under Visit Account. To return back to the admin view, click the orange Return link at the top of the teacher's page.

Delete a Teacher

To delete a teacher, click on the Delete Teacher link at the bottom left of the main window. The Delete Teacher link is located to the left of the Save button at the bottom of the main window.

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