Delete attendance

To completely delete a student from your account, the student's attendance would need to be deleted first. To find a students' attendance marks, run the Student Details 1 report. Select a wide date range, covering from the start of school until now. Next to "Level of Detail", choose "Include Days with Attendance Marks".

Look over the report, and see which attendance marks were entered by teachers, and which attendance marks were entered by admins.

Attendance records marked "Staff" are entered by teachers and can be deleted by accessing that teacher's gradebook. As the owner or additional admin, you can access teachers' gradebooks. There are two ways to do this:

  • Go to the Teachers tab. On the top right, below to "Access Gradebook", click "Visit Teacher Account".
  • Go to the Classes tab. Below "Access Gradebook for this Class, click "Visit Teacher Account".

Return to the admin view using the upper right pulldown.

Attendance marks made by admin should be deleted in the admin view by accessing the Attendance tab | By Student subtab. Ensure any Day Attendance overrides on the bottom of the page are cleared also.

IMPORTANT: Delete all the attendance comments in the right column, both in the teacher gradebook, and in the admin view. Sometimes "spaces", which cannot be seen, remain in the Comments column. Ensure those "spaces" are cleared also.

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