Teacher Setup Screen

Here is where you adjust settings to customize ThinkWave for your own use. If you ever need to make a global adjustment of any type, come here first.


To grade your assignments you can use traditional Points grades, A, B, C, D and F grades or you can make your own system such as 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, or Pass / Fail.

School's Final Grade Scales

The school's grading table defines the grades that appear on the report cards. The school's grading scales are set by the administrator in their Setup screen. The final grades from your gradebook are converted into the school's grade scales automatically.

Your Custom Grade Scales

This is where you can define the grades you will use to grade your assignments. By default, A through F grades, or the grading scale your school has chosen, are defined. You can add your own grading tables. For example: Pass/Fail, 1 through 5, or almost any other custom table. To add a new grading table, click "add" next to the My Grading Table heading. Enter a name for the table and click Save. Then, to add a new grade to that table click "new grade". Enter the name of the new grade as well as the minimum percent a student needs to earn to receive that grade.

Point-Weight Equivalent

Flexible Grading Options lets you combine assignments graded by Points, Percent, and Custom grade types. For any classes using Flexible Grading Options, this value defines the number of points required for a Points assignment to be equivalent to a Normal (1.0x) Weight assignment of another type.


Assignment Types

Assignment Types: You can add or delete Assignment Types (for example Homework or Test) by clicking the Assignment Types link.

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