Round grades

There are a lot of numbers being taken into account when calculating a numerical grade.  Sometimes, numerical grades are calculated so that they show multiple decimal places after the grade value.  This can be rounded so that they display as a number without decimals.

From the ThinkWave dashboard go to “Setup” in the top right.  Find the box that says “Grading” and click on “School's Final Grade Scales”.  Click here to go to that page. 

Scroll down to the heading “Additional Options”.  Look for the entry “Rounding places for final grades”.  This is where you can enter the number of decimal places you would like a numerical grade rounded to.  For example, if you want 89.514 to be rounded up to 90, you would see a number “3” in this space which you would change to “0”.  This means you are going from 3 decimal places down to 0 decimal places.  Click “Save” when you are done.

The reverse can be done if you want to show a more accurate grade value by including the decimal places.  If there is a rounding value of “0” in this option, you can change that to reflect as many decimal places as you like up to 3.  Adding decimal places can help demonstrate how close a student was to the next grade value up or down.    

To see a video demonstration of this, click here.

If you want to change the percent value required for a specific letter grade, go to that same page here.  In the default grading scale table where it shows values for specific letter grades at the top, change the "Minimum" percent value to the value you want for each letter grade.  For example, if you want the minimun numerical value for an A- to be 89.5 instead of 90, you would click on the numerical value in the grading table, and scroll down to "Minimum Percent" to change the value in that field.  Then, click "Save".  

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