Delete assignment

Curriculum changes and flexible lesson plans sometimes require that teachers restructure their assignments.  Teachers can do this by deleting assignments in the ThinkWave system. 

In the administrator view, you can go to “Teachers” at the top, click on “Access Gradebook” and then “Visit Teacher Account” on the right.  When in the teacher's account, click “Gradebook” at the top.  Click here to go directly there.

Select “By Assignment” to see the assignment you wish to delete.

Now, delete the letter grade or check mark for this assignment by selecting the empty space at the top of the drop-down menu or selecting the horizontal line like this “------” in place of a letter grade.
Also, delete any comments.  Make sure if there are blank spaces in the comments box that they are also erased.  Be sure you click “Save” when finished.

Then, click on the edit button next to the assignment's name at the top of the screen (it looks like a pencil and paper).  You will then see all the information for that assignment.  Click on the red trash icon at the bottom of the screen and select “OK” to finally delete the assignment.

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