Import students

Student lists can be automatically imported into ThinkWave. 

If you are logged in to the ThinkWave platform, click on “Setup” at the top right. 

Scroll down to the “Import & Export” box.  Or click here to go to that page. 

Click the blue phrase “Import Students”.  Use the drop-down menu to select the grade level of students you wish to import.  You can also select to import students into previously created groups like sports or school band by marking the check boxes next to each. 

You will be asked to upload a spreadsheet file list of students by clicking the “choose file” button next to “CSV file (max 250 students)”.  If you have an Excel file list of students, you can convert it into a CSV file. 

NOTE: If there is specific information you want to add to the ThinkWave system that you have in your CSV file, you should create a custom field for that data before importing it.  To do this, click on the "Students" tab at the top left of the screen and then navigate over to the right side of the screen and click "Customize".  Then click "New Custom Field" in the drop-down menu.  Give your new custom field a name, for instance "Date of Birth", select who you want this field to apply to (ie. "All Students") and then choose the type of field; which in this case would be "date field" rather than text.  Click "Save".  For more infomation on creating custom fields, please watch this video

Now, back to the "Setup" tab and the "Import Students" section.  When you are finished uploading your CSV file, click “Next”. 

You will now see all the values that have just been imported from your CSV file.  At the top of each column you will see a drop-down list which includes any custom field you created or other relevant field category that applies to the column below.  You can select "Skip This Column" if you don't want to name it, but you cannot leave it blank.  Then click "Next".

Now you will see a list of the data to be imported for you to check over.  You can click the box "Skip Row" next to each row if you don't want to include that information.  When finished, click "Finish" and all your data will be automatically imported into the ThinkWave system.

If you would like to see a detailed video demonstration of how to import students, click here.

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