Year-round scheduling

Trade schools and colleges often offer the same class year-round with different start and end dates.  The ThinkWave system allows you to set up a year-round class schedule by following this simple procedure.  

In the ThinkWave dashboard go to “Setup” at the top right and then navigate down to the “Schedule” box.  You will see a heading for “Terms and Subterms”; click here.

Here, you can select the dates that define each term and subterm for your school.  You should put in specific dates here for your terms so that you can assign the class to those specific dates.  Thinkwave also allows you to put in as many terms as you like and you can overlap term dates if needed.

If you have four quarters, and a class is offered every quarter, you can put in titles for your terms like “Sept 15 – Dec 15”, “Jan 4 - April 15”, “April 25 – June 25”, “June 28 – Aug. 28” as your four quarters instead of simply naming the terms “1st Quarter”, “2nd Quarter” etc.

Then, go to the “Classes” tab here and create a new class by clicking “Add Class” for each term the class is taught.  Under “Class Info”, you would check the box for only the Sept 15 – Dec 15th term.  Then, you would save it and create the same class again, but this time, check the box only for the Jan 4 -  April 15th term and so on.







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