Year-round scheduling

Many colleges and trade schools offer the same course year-round with different start and end dates. ThinkWave can handle a year-round schedule by following the set-up below.

New terms should be created for every different start / end date combo. You may have twenty or more terms in your account - ThinkWave does not limit the number of terms you can have. Terms dates can overlap. Terms should be created here:

For example, instead of Semester 1, Semester 2, create terms called "Sep 1 - Oct 23", and "Sep 15 - Nov 15" (with those corresponding start and end dates).

Then, in the Classes tab create a ***NEW*** class for each time a course is taught, and assign that course to one term only, For example, if you teach "Computers" every term, create the first Computer class and assign it to one term only (say term "Sep 1 - Oct 23"). Then, the second time Computers is taught, create a new Computer class (Add Class), and assign that second copy of Computers to another term, say "Sep 15 - Nov 15"