Transfer grades

Student grades and credits transferred from previous schools can be added to the ThinkWave system.

While in the administrator dashboard, hover over the “Students” tab at the top and choose "Transfer History".  A direct link is here:  Find the name of the student whose grades you want to transfer on the left hand side of the screen.  Click on their name to access their record.  On the right hand side of the student record you will see a tab that says “Transfer History” with an arrow next to it.  Click the arrow and you will be taken to a screen where you can input school and grade data from the student's previous school. 

Click the green “plus signs” to add a new school, class, or term to the transcript.  The grey arrows on the right side let you move sections up or down depending on their importance.

You can also customize the data you want to see by contacting to create a custom report.  For a visual demonstration on entering transfer data please watch this video (around 8:00 minute mark).  

Important: Use the transcript found on the bottom left of the Reports tab called "Transcript (with history, two column)". The default transcript on the upper right of the Reports tab under Summary Reports called "Transcript" does not support transfer history.

Roll back data to previous years

If most of the courses a student took were in your school, not another school, you may consider rolling back the ThinkWave datafile to previous years to input archive data. Some of our schools have rolled back 20 years and more. We do not charge extra for students from previous years.

In order to roll back data, first, set up your classes and students in the current year to the fullest extent you can (setting up the current year to the fullest extent makes the roll back function more helpful because more data is copied in the rollover, and therefore less data needs to be re-entered into past years). Then go to Setup | Rollover. Choose the Rollback function and complete the rollover. Then, enter previous years' grades. The student ID (which is automatically copied in the Rollover) connects the student data from year to year, so therefore, a full transcript can be printed.

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