Final Grades Screen

Here is where you can see the overall grades and comments that come from the teachers' gradebooks. Also, as the administrator, you can override the grades and comments.

Seeing Grades

To see the grades for a class, select the name of the class on the left. The grades for the class will appear in the right main window. If you would like to see the grades from a different term, select a different term from the pulldown in the upper left (the pulldown is in the orange box). If you select a Subterm (such as a quarter), you will see only the grades for that Subterm. If you select a Term (such as a semester), you will see a summary grade that is a combination of the Subterms below it.

If there are too many classes to list in the column (default number of classes is 30), a second pulldown will appear. Select the appropriate list of classes from the second pulldown to go to those classes. Alternately, select "prev" or "next" to navigate to those classes. To change the default number of classes that is displayed, go to Setup | General | Maximum to Display.

Overriding Grades

By default, the teachers' grades and comments will be printed on the students' reports cards. As the administrator, if you want to override the grades and comments, you can enter a different grade or comment. In that case, the override will appear on the report card.

If you override the calculated grade with a non-calculated grade such as W (withdrawn) for a particular subterm, that particular subtem will be skipped when calculating an overall term grade. For example, if a student gets 90% for First Quarter and 100% for Second Quarter (and each quarter is weighted 50/50 in calculating a semester grade) then normally the student would get 95% for the semester grade. However, if the First Quarter grade is overridden with the uncalculated grade of W (withdrawn), then a student would get 100% for the semester because the First Quarter would then be skipped in calculating the semester grade.

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